Spanish for Bilingual Speakers Program

This program is designed for students who grew up in a Spanish-speaking household. It consists of two courses, SPN 215 and SPN 315, Intermediate Spanish for Bilingual Speakers I and II.

Which course a student enrolls in is determined by taking Spanish Placement Exam B.

Once students complete this sequence of two courses, they can continue with SPN 303, SPN 305, SPN 306, and/or SPN 307. All of these courses have SPN 315 as a prerequisite.

These courses are intended to take into account the knowledge that Hispanic students have of their home language and to develop it further. Just as students take English classes to acquire a formal, academic variety of the language, the same holds true for Spanish. These courses also include class discussions and readings on the different varieties of Spanish and their legitimacy.

SPN 215 and SPN 315 fulfill two different components of University Studies: Foreign Language and Living in a Diverse Nation. Moreover, after students complete SPN 215 with a grade of C or better, they will receive 3 hours of supplementary language credit for SPN 201.


Dr. Ariana Mrak
Spanish for Bilingual Speakers Program Coordinator