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Stories of UNCW Spanish Alumni


Ana Asua
Class of 2014, Spanish MA 

Why did you study Spanish?

I am from the Basque Country in Spain and I always sought to share my language and culture with others. With the goal of teaching and becoming a Spanish college instructor, I chose the Masters Degree at UNCW. The program is well-designed with a variety of classes that provide students with a solid foundation in linguistics, literature, culture and pedagogy. I loved every class, every professor, my fellow classmates and the overall experience.

How do you use Spanish now?

When I finished my degree, I was fortunate to become part of the UNCW faculty. My professors became my colleagues and UNCW my workplace. I teach face to face classes, but most of my instruction takes place in an online program teaching Spanish for the nursing students. Just like my professors inspired me during my Masters studies; I hope to inspire my students to pursue a language that is so important in this part of the world. Learning Spanish in the United States not only enriches students’ lives but can also boost their careers.