World Languages & Cultures


FRH/GER/SPN 498: Undergraduate Internship in French/German/Spanish

The Department of World Languages and Cultures has agreements with many agencies in the region to receive student interns who are French, German, or Spanish majors. This arrangement provides a valuable program of work and study that affords the student practical experience involving observation and application of these languages.

Students interested in working as interns for academic credit in French, German, or Spanish must meet the following requirements:

  • have at least junior standing
  • have satisfactorily completed at least 12 hours of course work at the 300- and/or 400-level in French, German, or Spanish


SPN 598: Graduate Internship in Spanish

Graduate students in the Spanish MA or Hispanic Studies Certificate program are invited to complete an internship for academic credit (3 credits of SPN 598) as part of their program. Interns will gain valuable experience in a field of interest while applying what they have learned in their coursework. In order to earn SPN 598 credit for an internship, please follow the steps outlined below.


Components of the Internship

  1. Interns must volunteer a minimum of 75 hours per semester (including during summer sessions) at the internship site. These hours must be verified, documented, and evaluated by the internship site supervisor.
  2. Interns must reflect on their internship experience on a regular basis. This reflection can take the form of journal entries, blog entries, or voice board posts. Students must complete at least 10 reflections during the internship experience and the reflections should be in the foreign language.
  3. Interns must complete a final research project that can be related to the internship experience and to the services offered by the internship site. At the 498 (undergraduate) level, the project includes an annotated bibliography with at least 5 sources and a 5 - 7 page research paper, both in the language being studied. At the 598 (graduate) level, interns are expected to submit an annotated bibliograpy with at least 5 sources and a 7 - 10 page research paper in Spanish.

All of the above components must be met in order for the intern to receive academic credit for this experience.


Steps to Enroll in an Internship 

  1. Read over the information contained on this webpage.
  2. Select an internship site (have at least one alternate in case your first choice is full).
  3. Select a French/German/Spanish professor to serve as your internship professor. Options for Spanish faculty supervisors are: Drs. Boomershine, Brignole, Cami-Vela, B Chandler, Daidone, Das, Gordon, Harris, Mrak, Rivero, or Stevens.
  4. Complete the Internship Interest Survey.
  5. Contact the WLC Internship Advisor (Prof. Boomershine) to discuss your internship plan (set up a virtual meeting here).
  6. Apply to be an intern at your preferred agency.
  7. Once accepted to intern at that agency, complete the Internship Application Form.
  8. Sign the Internship Enrollment Form (you will receive this via email as a DocuSign document). 
  9. Once you submit the paperwork and are approved, the registrar's office will enroll you in FRH/GER/SPN 498. You cannot register for the internship using SeaNet.
  10. Enjoy using your language while interacting with members of the community!
  11. Submit your experience to the UNCW Applied Learning Gallery!

*If there is an agency that you would like to recommend as an Internship Site, please provide Prof. Boomershine with the contact information for that agency.


Important Information 

  • The completed and signed Internship Enrollment Form (which you will receive via email to sign) needs to be completed electronically at least one day before the registration deadline each semester.
  • Undergraduate students can only count either FRH/GER/SPN 498 (internship) or FRH/GER/SPN 491 (DIS) toward the French/German/Spanish major. If you complete both, one will count toward the major and the other will count as elective credit.


Useful Resources

For Students and Faculty Supervisors:

For Site Supervisors:


For more information, contact the World Languages and Cultures Internship Coordinator:

Dr. Amanda Boomershine
Department of World Languages and Cultures
216 Leutze Hall