Latin / Classics

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Welcome to Latin and Classical Studies

Democracy, philosophy, law, architecture and literature are just of few of the subjects which either originated in or were heavily influenced by ancient Greece and Rome. Consequently, the study of these phenomena in the classical world imparts a deeper understanding of their counterparts in the modern world. Fundamental to such an inquiry is competence in the Latin language, which provides access to a variety of historical and cultural texts. Moreover, Latin itself is still relevant in various occupations such as law, medicine and the sciences.

The Latin program at UNCW offers courses in both the Latin language and classical civilization. The language courses take the student through the fundamentals of Latin grammar in two semesters and provide a further two semesters for in-depth reading of individual works. The Classics courses focus on cultural aspects of the Greek and Roman world such as classical literature in translation (CLA 209), mythology (CLA 210) and women in ancient Greece and Rome (CLA 330).

Minor in Classical Studies.  For more information on the Classical studies minor please contact Dr. David Hoot.