German Studies

Students in Bonn Germany
German Students visiting Beethoven's birthplace in Bonn, Germany


HERZLICH WILLKOMMEN! Our German Studies program is led by a core of dynamic faculty who bring research in German language, culture, literature and film to classroom. German Studies involves an interdisciplinary range of courses focusing on elementary through advanced level language skills, as well as academic experiences incorporating language literacy, textual analysis, and cross-cultural research culminating in a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or a German Studies minor. Many of our students double-major or complete a minor related to their major, including studies in Business, Public and International Affairs or International Studies.

The German Studies program fosters a critical understanding of German culture through the study of language, literature, art, history, film, media and contemporary culture. The program also develops strong writing and communicative skills crucial for careers in journalism, public relations, teaching, governmental service, scientific research, pharmaceuticals and international commerce. The German Studies major provides an excellent preparation for graduate work, especially when combined with disciplines such as business, chemistry, history, philosophy, sociology, music or art history. The German Studies program offers majors the opportunity to apply for scholarships and awards in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures and through the Office of International Programs.

Students in German Studies also benefit from across-campus courses within the University of North Carolina's German Exchange which offers access to a wide variety of German classes throughout the NC system. While enabling study across campuses, the German Studies faculty continually build and support co-curricular opportunities such as the German Club, scholarly lectures, and film events. Students are encouraged to participate in the semester abroad program through the UNC- Baden Württemberg Exchange Program, which places students at one of 9 universities in southwest Germany, including Heidelberg, Göttingen, and Mannheim. Students of German often participate in UNCW's dual-degree the Cameron School of Business TABSA program, in which students can earn both a German and an American B.A. in business. Students regularly enroll in UNCW's intensive summer study abroad in Bonn and Bremen.

For more information, contact our German Studies Coordinator, Dr. Olga Trokhimenko.