Faculty-Led French Study Abroad

Summer on the Mediterranean, La Pointe Rouge, June 2017

NC Consortium Paris Immersion

Location: Foyer International des Etudiantes in Paris, France
Dates: Fall 2017 (September 10-December 16) and Spring 2018 (January 28-May 26)
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All students will be enrolled for 9 hours of French language study at Cours de Civilisation Francaise de la SorbonneIn addition, the the quality of your immersion and your linguistic progress will be monitored and assessed during individual interviews held every two weeks as a part of the "Explorations in French" course.

Explorations in French now has three exciting options for students to choose from:
Option A - Explore Arts and History of Paris
Option B - Explore French Society from Inside: English TA internship in local middle schools
Option C - Explore French Society from Inside: Work as a volunteer with local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs)

Students will be given assignments chosen in accordance with the choosen option and personal goals and interests. Such assignments may include visits to current art exhibitions, conduction of surveys in Parisian neighborhoods, participation in cooking classes, artistic workshops conversational exchanges with locals and much more!

Summer in Morocco

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Location: Rabat, Morocco  
Dates: June 26-July 29, 2017
Courses Offered: FRH 394 (prerequisite may be required)
Led by Dr. Pascale Barthe (
Apply by March 15, 2017

Integrating classroom instruction and field-based activities, this five-week program allows you to discover and study the rich cultures of Morocco. Immerse yourself in a multicultural society at the crossroads of Europe and Africa. Live the Moroccan lifestyle: drink mint tea, eat tajines, and discuss Morocco’s regional and global significance with your instructors and your Englishor French-speaking family!

Embark on a breathtaking tour of Morocco and learn about the intersection of Berber, Arab, and French cultures. In the North, visit the imperial city of Meknes, walk the thousand-year-old roads of Volubilis (an ancient Roman settlement), and let yourself be guided through the maze of the medina in Fez. The second excursion, to the South, will take you to Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains. After offering a tour of Ouarzazate’s movie studio, this overnight trip culminates with a camel ride in the Sahara desert.

Summer on the Mediterranean

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Location: Marseille, France  
Dates: June 28-July 26, 2018
Courses Offered: FRH 101 (beginner I) and French 102 (beginner II); FRH 294; FRH 394-801 or FRH 394-802.

FRH 294: French Study Abroad (intermediate): Applied learning in the South of France (3). Immerse yourself in the cultures of Marseille and Provence. Improve your conversational skills while learning in situ about Mediterranean food, music, film, sports and history.

FRH 394-801: French Study Abroad (advanced): A Summer in Marseille (3).Explore the food, music, literature, film, and history of Southern France. Immerse yourself in the culture of the region with hands-on activities and become part of the Marseille community.

FRH 394-802: French Study Abroad (advanced): Professional French and Role-Play (3). Come improve your spoken French on the Mediterranean. Develop your fluency, professional language skills and understanding of French culture.
Led by Mr. Eric Tessier (
Apply by March 23, 2018

Founded by the Greeks more than 2,600 years ago, Marseille is the oldest city in France. It is the country’s second largest city and the largest port in Europe after Rotterdam. It boasts a unique heritage and enjoys a spectacular setting along the Mediterranean. Its majestic island-studded bay and its ‘Calanques,’ rocky inlets and lagoons, are world famous. It is a seaside city with a cosmopolitan character, and Euromed Management Marseille provides a scenic campus setting for the study of business, culture and language.

A city tour will begin the program where you will have the opportunity to understand the town and its passions, discover its beauty, and take in its excesses. We will tour several historic sites including the old port (Vieux Port) where ships have docked for more than 26 centuries. With its forest of sailing masts, fishwives selling freshly-landed fish at the open air market and outdoor cafes, here the charm of the city is at its most tangible. The program will blend academics with cultural immersion. Each week we will spend a day exploring the culture and beauty of Southern France, touring businesses and ancient and historic sites such as the cities of Arles, Avignon, Aix-en-Provence, the Theatre antique d’Orange, Chateau des Baux-de-Provence, Palais des Papes, etc.

With Marseille as your ‘home base’ you will have immediate access to the unsurpassed beauty of Provence, the Alps and the French Riviera; Italy is just 125 miles to the east, Spain 200 miles to the west, with Paris, Switzerland, and the Netherlands easily accessible for weekend travel. Marseille is a celebration of the outdoor life: cafes, cuisine, and the haunting splendor of the Mediterranean Sea.

Watch this youtube presentation of Kedge Business school in Marseilles which partners with UNCW for the Mediterranean Summer program