Faculty-Led French Study Abroad


Morocco Summer 2017

NC Consortium Paris Immersion

Location: Foyer International des Etudiantes in Paris, France
Dates:  Fall 2018 September 2-December 22 Spring 2019 January 27th-June 1st
Deadlines to apply: October 1 for Spring and April 1 for Fall every year
Courses Offered: View a complete list For more information on the academic program, cultural immersion, dates, credits, and fees, please see

Students can choose between 12 or 15 credits hours of French language study at Cours de Civilisation Francaise de la SorbonneIn addition, the the quality of your immersion and your linguistic progress will be monitored and assessed during individual interviews held every two weeks as a part of the "Explorations in French" course.

Explorations in French now has three exciting options for students to choose from:
Option A - Explore Arts and History of Paris
Option B - Explore French Society from Inside: English TA internship in local middle schools
Option C - Explore French Society from Inside: Work as a volunteer with local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs)

Students will be given assignments chosen in accordance with the choosen option and personal goals and interests. Such assignments may include visits to current art exhibitions, conduction of surveys in Parisian neighborhoods, participation in cooking classes, artistic workshops conversational exchanges with locals and much more!

Summer in Morocco

(2019 program Flyer) 2021 flyer coming soon!

Location: Rabat, Morocco  
Tentative Dates: May 16-June 19, 2021; apply by March 15, 2021
Courses Offered: FRH 394 (Moroccan Conversations), ARB 294 (Everyday Moroccan Arabic), INT 394 (The Global Politics of Eating - An African Perspective)
Led by Dr. Pascale Barthe ( with Dr. Mike Turner ( and Dr. Lesley Daspit (

Integrating classroom instruction and field-based activities, this five-week program allows you to discover and study the rich cultures of Morocco. Immerse yourself in a multicultural society at the crossroads of Europe and Africa. Live the Moroccan lifestyle: drink mint tea, eat tajines, and discuss Morocco’s regional and global significance with your instructors and your Arabic- and French-speaking family!

Embark on a breathtaking tour of Morocco and learn about the intersection of Berber, Arab, and French cultures. In the North, walk the thousand-year-old roads of Volubilis (an ancient Roman settlement) and let yourself be guided through the maze of the medina in Fez. The second excursion, to the South, will take you to Marrakech and the High Atlas Mountains. After a stop in Ouarzazate, this five-day trip culminates with a camel ride in the Sahara desert.