Greta Bliss, Ph.D.


Greta Bliss Photo

  Assistant Professor of Francophone Studies
  Office: Leutze  Hall 283
  Telephone: (910) 962-3344
  Fax:(910) 962-7712

  Ph.D. in French, University of Minnesota, 2014
  M.A. in French Literature, University of Minnesota,
  B.A. (Hons.) in History, Grinnell College, 2000

Greta Bliss teaches French and Francophone studies at all levels of the curriculum.  She specializes in Maghrebi literature, cinema and culture, especially by women, and with attention to the problematic transactions inherent in cross-cultural translation and cultural production. Her current research examines the representation of terrorism in Algerian cinema;  the production and diffusion of films treating the Tunisian revolution; and humanisms in works by Algerian author Assia Djebar.  Bliss regularly presents at peer-reviewed conferences and has published in The French Review, Expressions maghrébines, and Contemporary French Civilization. 


Peer-reviewed journal articles

Bliss, Greta. “In My Own Country: Internal Exile in Rachida and Viva Laldjérie,” Studies in French Cinema 18.2
(June 2019).
Bliss, Greta. “Reworlding Tunisia: Sacrifice in Postrevolutionary Cinema,” Contemporary French Civilization 43.1 (2018). 
"History from Point Zero? Archival Reading in Maïssa Bey's Surtout ne te retourne pas and Tahir Wattar's The Earthquake." Expressions maghrébines 14.1 (2015): 137-154.
"Problematic Translation and Persuasive Listening in Assia Djebar’s La Femme sans sépulture." The French Review 86.3 (2013): 508-522

Peer-reviewed book chapters

Bliss, Greta. “An Ethnographic Fable: Yasmine Kassari’s L’Enfant endormi.” French Literature Series, vol. 42, “Hybrid Genres/L’Hybridité des genres” (2018).  
Bliss, Greta. “Humanisme et orientalité dans l’œuvre djebarienne.” Forthcoming in Quel "nouvel humanisme" francophone contemporain ?, Presses de l’université Paris-Sorbonne (forthcoming TBA). 
Book reviews
Rev. of From North Africa to France: Family Migration in Text and Film, by Isabel Hollis-Touré. The French Review 90.1 (2016).
Rev. of Le sacrifice dans les littératures francophones, ed. Carole Edwards. The French Review 90.1 (2016).
Rev. of Gendered Frames, Embodied Cameras: Varda, Akerman, Cabrera, and Maïwenn, by Cybelle H. McFadden. Contemporary French Civilization 41.1 (2016).

Teaching at UNCW:

FRH 412 The Francophone World: "Women and Revolution in the Maghreb since 1954"
FRH 322 Survey of French Literature II: “French Desires"
FRH 319 Introduction to the Francophone World: "Cultural Manifestoes” and “Francophone Voices"
FRH 306 Reading Strategies: "Reading Other Worlds"
FRH 302 and 303 Grammar and Composition I and II
FRH 201 Intermediate French I
FRH 102 Introductory French II

Teaching at previous institutions:

French Civilization I (Grinnell College)
Intermediate French I & II (Grinnell College and University of Minnesota)
Beginning French I & II (Grinnell College and University of Minnesota)
Advanced Directed Readings: "The Body, Language, and Biography in Algerian Women's Literature." (University of Minnesota)
Methods in French and Francophone Studies: "Translation, Representation, the Other." (University of Minnesota)