French Students and Alumni Testimonials

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Casey French Alumni

"I took my first French class at UNCW my Sohphomore year, thinking it would just fulfill the language requirement for graduation. The French Department had other plans for me though, and through their sincere enouragement and relaxed learning atmosphere, I was able to gain the confidence to continue my studies in French by studying abroad in Paris for a semester and double majoring (French and Environmental Studies). I am currently teaching English at a high school in rural France, loving every minute of it." - Casey 2014


Reem portrait

"As a double major in French and chemistry, I interned as a research associate in a Structural Motility Group at the Curie Institute in Paris. I worked on sub-cloning, crystallogenesis, and purification of the Myosin XVIII protein. Being a French major enabled me to communicate with my co-workers who were francophone and spoke little to no English. This experience enriched my use of the language in the scientific field. Nevertheless, spending a semester in Paris meant daily interaction with the language, culture, and history. This allowed me to see the multiple dimensions of France. I have formed amazing friendships and wonderful memories in this culturally rich country. I hope to continue working in a research lab and apply to Medical School in the future," Reem, May 2014


Ryan Trimble Screenshot

"I'm thankful every single day that I studied French and that I did so at UNC-W. Since graduating in 2013, I've landed a job as a television producer and presenter that I never would have gotten without the communication skills I learned in the French department and through the work I did while living in France. Learning a second language opens your mind up to a second way of thinking, and it also helps you never take your natural English skills for granted! I have also taught and tutored French at various times so I can pass on my (sometimes manic) love of the French language to the rest of the world. French is more than a language, it's truly part of who I am, and I have the fantastic French department at UNC-W to thank for that," Ryan 2013


Henry Profile Picture

"My second major was chemistry. I'm currently doing a 2 year post-baccalaureate fellowship at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD. I am working in a retrovirology lab that studies retroviral budding, specifically HIV-1. I will be applying to medical school soon for the 2015 season and I hope to become an M.D. I'm also coaching swimming for a local club team, keeping up with my music (playing in a community orchestra), and staying busy for the 2 years that I have off between school....I'm keeping up with my French, using it mainly to read and converse with French coworkers. French was a huge part of my career at UNCW and has given me the opportunity to meet various wonderful professors, learn amazing cultural things, and most importantly give me a different perspective," Henry 2013


Cristina Benavides Photo

"My name is Cristina Benavides and I graduated from UNCW in 2013, with a minor in French. As an undergraduate student, my French skills definitely came in handy while I was studying abroad in Morocco. Since graduation, I have been working as an AmeriCorps VISTA member in Brooklyn, NY. I am working to improve public education in a poverty-stricken neighborhood of Brooklyn. Most of the population in the neighborhood are immigrants who can't speak English well or at all. Many immigrants in Brooklyn come from French speaking countries of the Caribbean or Africa. Even while working in a national service position, I have learned that being able to speak French is an asset."



"After graduating with a degree in Marketing and French in 2007, I moved to the south of France in Grasse and worked in Marketing for a Perfume company. I then moved to New York where I started working at Balenciaga, a French Luxury Fashion designer, owned by Gucci Group. I spent 5 years there and was promoted 4 times to be Wholesale Account Executive. I traveled to Paris about 10 times a year selling each collection. That entire time, I was the only person on the US sales team that spoke French. Just recently I was promoted to US Sales Director for Proenza Schouler, an American Luxury Fashion company. I still travel to Paris often and use my French language skills daily. Being able to speak French allowed me to grow in each position quickly and form relationships with the French teams and clients. I am so thankful for my time spent studying abroad in Paris and how it prepared me for my career," Elizabeth, 2007.


Lauren in Fulani

"After graduating from UNCW in 2009 with a Bachelor's in both History and French, the following year I was invited to serve in the United States Peace Corps. I was assigned to the Francophone country of Benin, located in West Africa. From 2010 to 2012, I served as an English teacher in a northern village of Benin and carried out various health and sanitation projects at the rural level. My knowledge of French made possible every daily interaction and facilitated my acquisition of local languages native to Benin. French was also very useful during my travels around Africa which included visits to Togo and Morocco. I currently reside in Durham, NC and work on the project development team of a non-profit global health organization which implements projects in most developing countries in the world. My knowledge and experience with French is essential in communicating with international Francophone partners and the translation of certain key documents," Lauren, 2009


French Student in France




"My French studies have helped me by providing me with the opportunity to live and work in France. Living in France helped me to grow in so many ways professionally and personally. I now teach high school French in Charlotte, N.C. Studying French has enriched my life!" M, 2010


French Female Student







"My French studies have helped me advance in my career in myriad ways. In almost every film I have been in, or worked on someone in the crew or actor has been to France, studied French, or is from France. In that sense having French in my arsenal has been invaluable in the most simple form of striking up conversation and making a connection with someone. My experience studying abroad, and doing an internship with ABB Reportages forced me to step outside my comfort level...It's the only way to get your foot in the door in this business and now I am pretty much fearless because of my experience in Dijon." GiGi


ocean and sailboats






"Studying French has opened a new world for me. Living and working in France, I have the opportunity to wake up every morning and discover something new: a new food, a new friend, a new place, a new word, or a new experience. Everything has the possibility to change the way I think of the world and myself." J, 2009



"Living in Nantes has done so much more for my French than I could have ever imagined. Learning from a book is one thing, but when you go to the Sunday market to buy vegetables, or get asked directions to the chateaux and are are only able to communicate in French, you learn so much more. I have formed amazing friendships and met incredible people from every continent and completely different cultures. Through this multicultural experience, I have gained so much more than friends and amazing stories. This trip has given me insight into the world outside of the United States which has surprisingly been more rewarding than walking through the streets at Le Mont Saint Michel or eating lunch in the gardens of Versailles. It has been the best time of my life," Joseph, 2011


Flowers in France

"Majoring in French was the best decision I ever made. It has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me," G 2012


Davis Headshot

Davis accepted a position with Fidelity Investments in Cincinnati, OH. She graduated as a double major in French and Finance in May 2011.