Oral Proficiency Exam for French and/or International Business (with specialty in French) Majors

The oral proficiency exam in French will be given Friday, November 2, 2018 from 3:30 - 5 p.m. in Leutze Hall Room 279.

The purpose of this exam is to evaluate oral proficiency in French of graduating seniors at the end of their studies at UNCW. This exam is based, in part, in the ACTFL and OPI oral proficiency guidelines. The format of the exam and structures to be covered are provided below. Specific questions to be asked are left undisclosed until the actual exam time.

The exam lasts approximately twenty minutes and is administered by faculty members in the French Section. Evaluation is based on fluidity, mastery of grammatical structures and vocabulary, oral comprehension and cultural competence. For formal purposes the exam is broken down into three main parts: introduction, development and closing. An outline is provided to faculty in order to assure consistency in content and evaluation; it in no way assumes that all questions will be asked or that all areas will be covered. The exam is to imitate actual, informal conversation rather than a series of unrelated questions. Monologues are not encouraged and should be interrupted by the faculty to insure natural speech.

French majors MUST take the reading proficiency exam at least 48 hours PRIOR to November 2, 2018. For details, contact Dr. P. Barthe

Students are expected to arrive prepared and on time. It is highly suggested by the French faculty that students take their oral proficiency exam no later than the semester before they intend on graduating. Please reserve Friday, April 6, 2018 3:30-5 p.m., for this exam. No make-ups will be given, no other time slots arranged.

Contact: Dr. P. Barthe,

Points covered include:
  • Introduction (highlights habits, hobbies and studies/ present tense)


  • Development
    • (highlights past events/ past tenses)
    • (highlights story telling, witnessing and relaying information in the past)
    • (highlights future projects/ simple future)
    • (highlights hypotheses/ the conditional)
  • Closing (brings closure to the exam)

Revised 10/10/2018