World Languages & Cultures

WLRC Reservation Guidelines
for WLC Faculty

Class Reservations:
  • Faculty or staff must be present during a class reservation (the lab assistants are scheduled to work between 09:00 and 16:00 during the spring semester). If your reservation falls outside of the times that assistants work, you will need to stay with your students at all times.
  • We understand that films are a great supplement and tool for learning a foreign language, but due to the potential disturbances movie viewing can cause to other students using the WLRC and neighboring classrooms and offices, we would prefer that you reserve any equipment you need from the WLRC, and utilize the classroom projectors to show any extended videos or films. Short (5-10 minutes or less) videos to supplement instruction while teaching in the WLRC are fine, but please keep the volume low and prop the door closed. If you must reserve the lab for only showing a film, the lab will be closed during your reservation. Lab closure rules are described below.
  • Though we allow faculty to request closure of the lab, we would prefer that you allow it to remain open during your reservation. Many foreign language students depend on usage of the lab to complete course work, and closure of the lab can disrupt their schedules. To ensure fair availability to all foreign language students, the WLRC limits total closure duration to a maximum of two hours per day. This means that if a professor has reserved the lab from 09:00 to 11:00 and requested closure, you may not request any further closing on the same day. As stated above, if you are utilizing the lab solely for film-showing, it will be considered a lab closure. Therefore, you are limited to no more than two hours per day for showing a film.
  • If you need a room for film/video showing for more than two hours, please find another room via the Campus Room Reservation system at
Equipment Reservations

The items can be checked out only by faculty of World Languages and Cultures. It must be returned by the date you listed in your request.

If you need to make a change in your reservations, please contact Yoko Kano at

Click here to reserve the WLRC lab or equipment.