World Languages & Cultures


If you are looking for a faculty member, please consult our Faculty listing.

Please contact our front office for the following: Student and course related concerns: Diana Perez at  Other concerns:  Giselle Ennis at

Coordinators and Contacts

Chair, Dr. Derrick Miller (Office Hours: by appointment)
Associate Chair, Dr. Amrita Das 

Most faculty members do not have voicemail. Email is the best form of communication to set up an appointment for a phone or face-to-face meeting outside of their assigned office hours.

Section Coordinators

French, Dr. Spieser-Landes / Phone: 910-962-3825
German, Dr. Trokhimenko / Phone: 910-962-7379
Multi-language, Dr. Felix  / Phone: 910-962-2121
Spanish (100-200 level courses), Ms. Kelley Hanna 
Spanish (300-400 level courses), Dr. Brignole/ Phone: 910-962-3346

Spanish for Bilingual Speakers Coordinator

Dr. Mrak / Phone: 962.2310

Graduate Program Coordinator

Dr. Boomershine / Phone: 962.7922

WLC Teacher Education Coordinator

Dr. Randolph / Phone: 962.4095

Other resources

Director of Foreign Language Resource Center, Ms. Kano / Phone: 962.7575
Oral Proficiency Testing
(French) Dr. Pascale Barthe / Phone: 962.3825
Internship, Dr. Boomershine / Phone: 962.7922