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Adapt 2020 

The Center for Teaching Excellence and the Office of Distance Education and eLearning created a four-day, Zoom-based program called ADAPT 2020. ADAPT 2020 brings together more than a DOZEN campus offices to help prepare UNCW faculty for the new teaching challenges ahead.

Adapt 2020 Recordings

This event featured 24 sessions on topics that ranged from adapting to new circumstances (like hybrid or socially distanced face-to-face teaching) to understanding how to maximize your teaching in an online environment (through group work, educational technologies, lively discussion boards, and more). In the table below are the recordings from each session. 

To learn more about each session, please hover over each topic for a quick description. 


Support Resources

July 6th Sessions

Revising Your Syllabus and Policies for New Circumstances

Zoom Recording

Where Do I Start: Building Course Online for the First Time Zoom Recording
Facing the New Face-to-Face: Teaching F2F with Fall 2020 Guidelines in Place

Zoom Recording

Intro to Canvas Zoom Recording

Virtual International Programming

Zoom Recording

Helping First-Year Students to Thrive in Fall 2020

For information about this session, please contact Paul Townend (, Christine Pesetki (, or Don Bushman (
July 7th Sessions
Alternative grading strategies: New approaches to save time and customize your class

Zoom Recording

Using Echo360 Universal Capture to Create Videos Zoom Recording

Let’s Get Real: Authentic Online Assessments

For more information about this session, please contact Nikki Strawn (

How Transparency in Teaching and Learning (TILT) can help your Fall 2020 class

Zoom Recording

Fall 2020 Q&A with Nathan Grove & Carol McNulty

For more information about this session, please contact Nathan Grove ( or Carol McNulty ( 

How to Deepen Dialogue in Online Discussion Boards

Zoom Recording
July 8th Sessions

Creating Successful Student Video Projects

Zoom Recording

Quality Matters & Online Teaching

Zoom Recording

Building an Inclusive Online/Hybrid Course and Syllabus

Zoom Recording

Hybridizing your class: What goes where?

Zoom Recording

Giving Personalized Feedback Online

Zoom Recording

Creating Group Work in Canvas & Zoom

Zoom Recording
July 9th Sessions

Synchronous Class Sessions with Zoom

Zoom Recording

Best Practices for Tests and Quizzes

Zoom Recording

Off-site Risk Management: What you need to know

For more information about this session, please contact Jeanine Minge ( or Jame DeVita (

Online Information Literacy for Your Course from Randall Library

Zoom Recording

Online Support for Fall 2020 from the University Learning Center

Zoom Recording

Closing remarks and Q&A with Provost Winebrake

Zoom Recording




The name Adapt 2020 is used with permission from UNC-Greensboro.