SPSS Software

For University-Owned Systems

UNCW has a Network license for SPSS for teaching and unpaid academic research. This means the software can be installed on faculty or lab computers (Mac or PC) as long as the research being done is unpaid. This Network license includes:

  • SPSS Base
  • SPSS Regression
  • SPSS Advanced

If you wish to have SPSS installed on a university-owned computer, please submit an ITS Request located here or contact the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) at 910-962-4357.

Remote Access

If you have SPSS on your university computer, you can use Remote Desktop to access it from home.

Non-Academic or Paid Research

If you are in a non-academic area or need SPSS for paid research, please contact Tami Mansur (mansurt@uncw.edu) for a quote. You will need to let Tami know what modules you would like and whether or not the research you are doing is paid. She will contact IBM and get a quote for you.