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Sammy File Server for Faculty and Staff

Sammy is a central file server where faculty and staff can keep their UNCW-related files. This server is available to faculty and staff from their office computers and over wireless as well as from home via VPN or Horizon.

Storage Locations

  • \\Sammy\people - File storage area for the work-related documents and files that only you need to access.
  • \\Sammy\departments - Department file storage for documents and files that need to be accessed by multiple individuals.
    Note: For documents that need to be edited by multiple people in the same department, it is recommended you use SharePoint.
  • \\Sammy\departments\UNCW SHARE\Transfer - For TEMPORARY files that may be too large for email transfer. Once the receiver has the file copied to their hard drive the file must be deleted from the server. This location is NOT a permanent storage area.
    Note: For documents that need to be edited by multiple people across departments, it is recommended you use SharePoint.

If you have specialized academic, research or other storage requirements, please submit an Academic Research Computing (ARC) request, and we will work together to find a solution that meets your needs.

Storage Guidelines - Dos and Don'ts


  • Store work-related documents on Sammy (*.docx, *.xlsx, *.pptx, etc.)
  • Store documents that multiple people need to access.
  • Check your Sammy files on a periodic basis and remove files you no longer need.


  • Store music, images or videos unless they are work related.
  • Back up your entire computer (no *.bak or *.pst files). These types of files should be saved to an external hard drive, a USB drive or burned to a CD/DVD.
  • Store CD/DVD images of software (no *.iso or *.dmg files).

Connection Instructions

Questions or Problems? Contact the Technology Assistance Center (TAC)