Phased Retirement for Sammy:

Alternative File Server for Faculty & Staff

ITS highly recommends utilizing OneDrive. This service is part of the University's Microsoft Office 365 suite of services and is a secure and reliable cloud storage solution.

As noted in Tech Talk and SWOOP, ITS is excited to announce that we are implementing a phased retirement of the Sammy personal file servers and officially migrating to OneDrive for personal file storage. On Feb. 28, 2022, you will need to have all your files from Sammy copied to OneDrive. Please note, this does not impact Sammy\Departments or "People" Webpages. 

Storage Locations

  • \\Sammy\people - File storage area for the work-related documents and files that only you need to access. (See note above. ITS is currently retiring this service.)
  • \\Sammy\departments - Department file storage for documents and files that need to be accessed by multiple individuals.
    Note: For documents that need to be edited by multiple people in the same department, it is recommended you use SharePoint.

If you have specialized academic, research or other storage requirements, please submit an Academic Research Computing (ARC) request, and we will work together to find a solution that meets your needs.

Connection Instructions

Questions or Problems? Contact the Technology Assistance Center (TAC)