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Residence Hall Specifications

Cable TV

View UNCW Cable TV listings

For Cable TV repair service:

  • Dial "0" during normal business hours (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)
  • Dial 910-962-3028 after normal business hours
  • Visit our Service Catalog

View information in the knowledge base on connecting TiVo using a phone connection

Phone Connection

A phone line is provided to each residence hall room (1 phone line per room), but students must bring their own phones and arrange for their own voice messaging devices. Residence Hall students receive:

  • E-911 support - Emergency location information (including street address and room number) is reported to emergency responders when dialing "911."
  • Unlimited on-campus calls (5-digit dialing)
  • Unlimited local calling
  • Unlimited domestic long distance calling
  • Service features such as call waiting, call transfer, call forwarding and more
  • University Operator assistance during business hours
  • Phone service support
  • Support for TTY devices and Relay NC by dialing "711"
  • Incoming call mediation - After 7 rings, unanswered calls get routed to a general "person unavailable" announcement before being disconnected.

Gaming Console Registration

You may connect your gaming console to the UNCW wired network.
View Instructions here. If you have questions, contact the
Technology Assistance Center (TAC).

Connecting Your Computer to the Network

Wired Connection

For the fastest available connection on campus, you will want to "plug-in" to the data port that is available in every residence hall room and most common areas. View instructions for a wired connection.

Wireless Connection

Students should connect through hawkwifi. View instructions for a wireless connection.

(NOTE: To protect the UNCW network and student access to it, the following are not permitted: personal wireless printers, wireless access points and routers.)

Students should contact the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) at
962-HELP (4357) if they cannot successfully connect their residence hall computer to the network.