Professor using a clicker in a full classroom

Student Response System "Clickers"
TurningPoint Cloud

To learn how to integrate TurningPoint with UNCW's Blackboard Learn system click Here (PDF).

About Clickers

A Clicker is a device that can integrate into a PowerPoint presentation and allow students to participate by submitting responses to questions and viewing immediate feedback. In turn, the presenter can engage students, assess learning, gather data and enhance the presentation. UNCW uses the TurningPoint Cloud solution. Some of the features include:

  • Streamlined registration process with Turning Accounts
  • Bundles of a device and Turning Account that includes the free mobile app
  • Ability to create a blended environment with both devices and mobile
  • Secure login and data encryption for security
  • New question types including word maps
  • Ability to reserve sessions

If you are interested in integrating this technology into your classroom, please contact the Technology Assistance Center to get started.

Student Information

The purchasing model of clickers has changed. Students who already own clickers will need to purchase a license, available through their Turning Account portal, or at the bookstore as a scratch off card. The licenses are available in 1, 2, 3 or 4-year increments and automatically include access to ResponseWare on mobile phones.

Students buying a clicker for the first time will receive the clicker AND a scratch-off card with their license. They will need both to fully register their device.

Throwing away the scratch-off card will mean the student needs to purchase another license.

To fully register, students need to do the following things; you can also view instructions here (PDF):

  1. Log into Blackboard and click the TurningPoint Registration tool, which is a link that will send you to the Turning Account Portal.
  2. Make a Turning Account with your UNCW email if you have not already.
  3. Log into your Turning Account from the Blackboard link.  
    • This is critical, as using the Blackboard link is what associates your Turning Account to our Blackboard.    
  4. Inside your Turning Account, you need to input your license in the “License” area, and then put in your device ID in the “Device” area. You should also verify that is listed in your “Learning Management System (LMS)” area.
  5. Once you have a valid device, license and LMS link, you are fully registered for all classes that use clickers. Should your license lapse, you will need to renew it before your responses will be registered in sessions.

ResponseWare Info
ResponseWare licenses have been migrated to a Turning Technologies subscription which includes access to an account and the ability to respond with ResponseWare.

Users can create an account by utilizing the same email that was associated with their ResponseWare account to ensure their license transfers over accordingly. Users who had active ResponseWare licenses migrated will now also have access to our account system for the same duration of time. Turning Technologies subscriptions connect all response devices to one account and allow students to register clickers within the account system

Faculty Information

TurningPoint Cloud is an update to the TurningPoint architecture that will require a few extra steps.

  1. You will need to create a Turning Account at if you don’t have one already for using ResponseWare/Smart Phone responses.  
    • Please use your UNCW email to create the account.   
    • When prompted, create an “Instructor” account.
  2. Your students will also need to create Turning Accounts with their UNCW emails. 
  3. The way students register their devices is a little different (covered in the Student Clicker Support section below). Please review this information.
  4. When opening TurningPoint Cloud in the classroom, you will need to sign in with your Turning Account (UNCW email address). After it loads, it behaves the same as TurningPoint 5, including importing student lists and exporting grades to Blackboard.
  5. Advantages of the new system include increased security (all your session files are encrypted to your account) and easier back-end support of student issues related to device registration. In the future, you will also be able to store content and session results via the cloud, meaning it will be easier to find and access your sessions or content without needing to use network shares or flash drives.


Clicker Ordering Information

Turning Point clicker
  • Clickers are for sale at the UNCW Bookstore. Call 910-962-3188, or email for more information.


Use your Personal Electronic Device instead of buying a Clicker

Apple iPhone

BlackBerry SmartPhones

Windows Mobile Devices

All Laptop Computers

All Desktop Computers

ResponseWare on Tablet

Student Clicker Support

View the knowledge base articles here.

Automatically Import Class Participant List

Instructors who wish to have their Class Participant List automatically imported should follow these instructions (PDF)

Export Grades to Blackboard

Instructions for exporting grades to Blackboard (PDF)

UNCW Classrooms that are currently "Clicker Ready"

Building Room Frequency
Bear 100 31
Bear 101 01
Bear 106 06
Bear 206 16
Bear 219 19
Bear 261 61
Cameron 105 05
Cameron 135 35
Computer Info Systems 1007 07
Computer Info Systems 1008 08
Computer Info Systems 1012 12
Computer Info Systems 1013 13
DeLoach 114 14
DeLoach 212 12
Dobo 103 03
Dobo 132 32
Dobo 134 34
Dobo 202 02
Dobo 205 05
Friday 1014 14
Kenan 1111 11
King 101 01
Leutze 104 04
Leutze 111 11
Leutze 132 32
Leutze 134 34
Leutze 136 36
Leutze 138 38
Leutze 139 39
Leutze 253 53
Leutze 254A 54
Morton 100 01, 31
Morton 101 01
Morton 209 09
Morton 210 10
Nixon Amquist 101 01
Nursing 1005 05
Nursing 1024 24
Nursing 1027 27
Nursing 1028 28
Nursing 1030 30
Nursing 1038 38
Nursing 1051A 51
Nursing 1051B 52
Nursing 2061 61
Randall Auditorium 08
Teaching Lab 1006 06
Teaching Lab 1008 08
Teaching Lab 1009 09
Teaching Lab 1010 10
Teaching Lab 1011 11
Teaching Lab 1052 52
Teaching Lab 1054 54
Teaching Lab 1055 55
Teaching Lab 2008 08
Teaching Lab 2011 11
Trask 117 17
Trask 119 19
Trask 142 42
Trask 143 43