Texthelp - Read&Write Gold

Texthelp's Read&Write Gold is a flexible literacy software solution that can help readers and writers--including individuals with learning disabilities and English Language Learners--access support tools needed to reach their potential, build confidence and independence, and succeed. Read&Write Gold will read highlighted text on the screen and is compatible with Adobe Acrobat/Reader, Daisy and Microsoft Word.

Read&Write Gold is available for UNCW students, faculty and staff through sponsorship
by the Disability Resource Center (DRC).

To learn about DRC: UNCW Disability Resource Center Webpage

Who Can Use Read&Write Gold

  • Read&Write Gold is licensed and available for any faculty, staff or student who has a valid UNCW domain account (login).
  • Read&Write Gold can be downloaded and installed on your university-owned or personal machine. The software runs on both PCs and Macs.

How To Get Read&Write Gold

Step One: View installation instructions:

Step Two: Download and install the software below for either PC or Mac (you will be prompted to log in with your UNCW domain credentials). Installation may take up to 15 minutes.

Read&Write Gold Tutorials:

To maximize your experience using the software's full capabilities, we strongly encourage you to review the training information and videos on the Texthelp site: http://texthelp.com/north-america/support/videos/

Read&Write Gold Product Support:

Additional information about Read&Write Gold: DRC Assistive Technology Web page