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Educational Technologies

Blackboard Learn

UNCW's learning management system - Blackboard Learn - is hosted at UNCW. For more information please visit:

Read&Write Gold

Texthelp's Read&Write Gold is a flexible literacy software solution that can help readers and writers--including individuals with learning disabilities and English Language Learners--access support tools needed to reach their potential, build confidence and independence and succeed. More on Read&Write Gold.


Respondus is a software used to create exams and publish them directly to one or more courses in Blackboard. With Respondus, MS Word files can be imported, and questions can be previewed before they are sent to the courses. UNCW has a campus-wide license, and the software can be downloaded and installed on an office or home computer and used for university purposes only.

Scantron/Exam Scanning

Need to get your 8.5 x 11 Scantron bubble sheets scanned? (Note: our equipment doesn't scan the half sheets.) Drop off your sheets and an answer key at Classroom Operations in the Network & Communications building, room 120. Allow at least an hour for turnaround, especially during peak times, like exam week.

  • Location: Network & Communications, room 120
  • Hours of Operation: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Questions? Call 910-962-3541

Select Survey

Select Survey is a Web-based survey tool available to faculty and staff for creating public questionnaires or surveys. Questions and answers are created via an easy-to-use Web page, and data can be exported at any time. More details on getting started with Select Survey.


The TealVision interface allows faculty to upload media content to the ITS Flash media server. This content can either be protected (by requiring UNCW authentication) or public for anyone to see.

Uploading Media Content with TealVision
  1. The TealVision interface enables you to upload your media content to the ITS Flash media server.
  2. Please begin by logging into TEALVISION (Your username is your UNCW email without and password is your email password)
  3. See how to upload and share a video in the knowledge base.