Classroom Technologies

Lightboard Technologies

The lightboard is a glass chalkboard that allows instructors to create video lectures and directly interact with handwritten notes and diagrams while facing a camera. A lightboard is located in Randall Library but is no longer reserved via the TAC. Instead, put in a ticket for lightboard use.  

Smart Classrooms

To help facilitate teaching and learning at UNCW, many of the classrooms are designated as smart classrooms. Each room includes:

  • Computer Station
  • Media Player (DVD)
  • Projector
  • Projection Screen

Distance Education Classrooms, Video Conferencing & Video Capture

ITS offers the facilities, equipment and technical assistance for:

  • Academic, administrative and special request video conferencing and collaboration technology support
  • Zoom and mobile/desktop videoconferencing support
  • Echo 360, lecture capture and video content management

More on Distance Education, Video Conferencing & Video Capture

Mersive Solstice

Mersive Solstice is a wireless collaboration tool utilized in UNCW's Active Learning Classrooms. With it, students can share their personal devices wirelessly to monitors in the classroom to facilitate group learning.

To download the app please visit, and follow the instructions on the monitor in the classroom.

Student Response System "Clickers"

A Clicker is a device that can integrate into a PowerPoint presentation and allow students to participate by submitting responses to questions and viewing immediate feedback. In turn, the presenter can engage students, assess learning, gather data and enhance the presentation.

Visit the Student Response System "Clickers" page.