ARC - Academic Research Computing

ARC provides technology and support for research projects. This includes making resources available for statistical analysis, storage of research data, automating data backup, and making sharing information easier. By using ARC, researchers can focus their time and efforts on their work and reduce the amount of IT overhead in their projects.

Getting Started

Initial requests for projects will be sent to ARC staff for review. You will then be contacted to discuss your project, its technical and staff requirements, who needs access and the level of their access and any other parameters. From this point, your request will be entered into ITS's project request system and completed in a timely manner.

Projects will be evaluated and approved on a first-come, first-served basis. ARC projects may be accessed by UNCW faculty, staff and students. However, projects must have a faculty sponsor who will serve as the liaison/contact to ARC staff.

Service Level Agreements

Before a project is started, a service level agreement will be created. This will be a document designed specifically for a project and signed by the ARC staff and the project liaison. It will list what each party is responsible for in terms of the project. See an example of the standard service level agreement.


ITS will provide a physical or virtual base platform, backup services, and data center housing. Individual projects that have large resource needs in disk space or processing power, and/or require specialized software for which ARC or UNCW is not licensed may require funding assistance. Funding will be determined on a case-by-case basis and will be discussed between the the project liaison and ARC staff after a request for proposal is submitted.

Security Patches and Maintenance

Servers and workstations maintained by ARC will be subject to routine security and maintenance in accordance with ITS policy. This includes monthly "patch nights" wherein security patches from the hardware and software manufacturers are applied. Patch nights occur on the third Wednesday of each month beginning at 10:00 PM.

There are also four maintenance weekends scheduled throughout the calendar year. These weekends are typically reserved for large scale modifications and maintenance. A schedule of these maintenance weekends can be found at

Since patches and maintenance can require systems to be restarted, notification will be given to the contacts for each project. One-time exclusions from "patch night" can be granted if a system cannot be interrupted. Simply reply to the notification requesting that your system(s) be patched at a later time. Failure to request an exclusion will result in the system(s) undergoing maintenance and possibly interrupting your work.