TAC Repairs will have limited services during the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester. If you are in need of having your personal computer repaired, please submit a Service Request for further guidance or Chat with TAC.


Repairs and Services for Laptops

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TAC Repairs services all brands of computers and can do warranty work for computers with Safeware, AppleCare and Dell warranty coverage.

$30 Diagnostics
A comprehensive hardware and software system check, taking approximately 24 hours to complete. This diagnostic fee is required for all computers checked in for services.

$50 System Reload  (Virus or Software Corruption Problems)
Completely wipe computer’s operating system and reload it. This erases all files and programs from computer which is necessary sometimes if the computer's operating system is severely corrupt. 

$50 Data Recovery
Recover all data such as music, pictures and documents. Programs/software are not recoverable (e.g. Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, etc).

$160-$210 Hard Drive Replacement 

  • $80 1 Terabyte Hard Drive (standard hard drive that we keep in stock)
  • $50 System Reload
  • $50 Data Recovery (optional)

Check the warranty status of your laptop:

apple warranty dell warranty Safeware

Discounts on New Computers

Educational pricing is available on new Apple and Dell computers. Visit our computer purchases page for more information.

Safeware Hardware Protection Plan

Most manufacturer warranties, such as Applecare, do not cover accidental damage so we recommend you purchase a laptop protection plan for your computing device. Safeware covers accidental damage due to incidents such as drops, liquid spills, cracked screens, mechanical failure and power surges.


Free Microsoft Office

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UNCW offers Microsoft Office for FREE to the campus community. Download it here.  If you need assistance call the Technology Assistance Center (910) 962-4357.

Free Adobe Creative Cloud

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UNCW offers Adobe Creative Cloud for FREE to all current UNCW students download it here. If you need assistance call the Technology Assistance Center (910) 962-4357.