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Spam Filter - Exchange Online Protection

Microsoft's spam detection, Exchange Online Protection (EOP), provides an aggressive approach to filtering out spam messages from UNCW email accounts.


How do I access my EOP spam filter?

  • Go to
  • Your user name is your full UNCW email address (including
  • Your password is your UNCW password.

What should I do with junk mail that I don't want in my Inbox?

Most of the junk mail messages in your Inbox are legitimate messages from reputable companies/vendors (not spam messages from unknown sources trying to obtain your personal information). You may unsubscribe from legitimate sources by choosing "unsubscribe" from the message. Do not provide any passwords or personal information when unsubscribing.

Why did I get this junk mail message? I never subscribed to anything from this vendor.

When signing up for conferences and newsletters or visiting various websites for information, there is often a statement in the terms and conditions which states that by signing up you are allowing the company/vendor to share your email address with affiliates, vendors, partners and others. While you may not have directly signed up for information, you may still receive email from these vendors/companies.

Can I report spam directly to Microsoft for analysis?

Yes. Please view details on this TechNet site.

How can I add a person to my Safe Senders or Blocked Senders lists?

  • You can manually add, edit or delete entries in your Safe Senders list and your Blocked Senders list from within your Office 365 email by doing the following:
    • Log into Office 365 email with your UNCW email address and password at
    • Click the gear icon on the top right of the page, and then "Options."
    • Click "Block or Allow" on the left side of the page.
    • From here you can "Add" individual email addresses to either the "Safe Senders and Recipients" or "Blocked Senders" lists.
    • Click "Save."
    • Note: Changes may take up to two hours to take effect.

How often will I receive email digest notifications?

  • You will receive email digest notifications every day, if spam has been received.