Request University Owned Mobile Device or Device Allowance- Faculty/Staff

How to Request Device

If you would like to order a university owned mobile device, please submit a ticket via the ITS service catalog.

How to Request Mobile Device Allowance

Another option is the mobile device allowance in which you are compensated for the utilization of your personal mobile device while conducting university business. Of note, the allowance is not intended to pay the full cost of the employee's monthly service but is intended to offset the use of the device for university business.

Mobile Device Allowance Procedure

  1. Appropriateness of the Allowance
    1. The department head will determine those employees in their department for whom the RAMCAP is justified. For each employee for whom it has been determined there is an appropriate university business need, the department head will determine the service level appropriate for that employee.
    2. For each employee recommended to receive the allowance, the department head will complete and submit the Remote & Mobile Communications Allowance
      Authorization Form (located as a service in ITS Request/submit a ticket) to their AVC, Dean or equivalent for authorization.
    3. The AVC, Dean or equivalent will authorize the request for the allowance and submit to ITS Resource Management for processing.

  2. Allowance payment processing
    1. The Payroll Department will process the allowance payments for all employees for which a Remote & Mobile Communications Allowance Authorization Form has been submitted.
    2. The Allowance for cell phone, internet or data is considered non-taxable.

  3. Annual Review
    1. Each employee who receives the allowance must retain copies of their monthly MCS and Internet Access billing statements for three (3) years. The employee shall present MCS and Internet Access billing statements to the department head upon request for the annual review. In addition, the university may request disclosure of the billing statement records on a more frequent basis due to a fact finding review, investigation, public records request, litigation or audit.
    2. The department head will perform an annual review on each employee authorized for the allowance. This review will include:
      1. Assessing the employee’s current duties and responsibilities and the appropriateness of continuing the allowance.
      2. Determining whether the employee’s allowance should be upgraded, downgraded, remain the same, or canceled.

  4. The department head will resubmit the Annual Mobile Allowance Annual Eligibility Form for each employee’s allowance that has changed to ITS Resource Management.

  5. Termination or change in service prior to authorized allowance period
    If a decision is made by the university to terminate the allowance agreement, the employee will bear the cost of any fees levied by the service provider that are associated with that change or cancellation.

  6. Other factors related to the use of the Allowance
    1. The employee is to ensure that personal calls on the MCD are kept to a minimum during the employee’s university working hours.
    2. The employee may use the device for both university business and personal purposes. The employee may, at his or her own expense, add extra services or equipment features, as desired.