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Departmental Phone Information

Phone Types and Descriptions for Faculty & Staff

Phone types and additional information on each are listed below.

Units available for purchase:

For reference only (not for sale):

Communications Rates for Departmental Phones

View Communications Rates for Departmental Phones (PDF). This document includes various service options and the prices for each plan.

Communications Services and Rates


Data Line $163
Cable TV Line $163
Phone Line $163
Line installation rates are an estimate. Actual cost will depend on current infrastructure.


Temp. Polycom Speakerphone $55(per 3 days)
Temp. Reg. Desk Speakerphone $10 (per 3 days)
Phone Line $43


Phone line $43

Monthly Service Rates:

Cable TV


University Owned Mobile Phones Vendor rate + $2.30/month
Phone Service View Rates (PDF)