Campus Phones

Coming Soon: New UNCW Phone System!

ITS is pleased to announce a comprehensive replacement of the campus phone system, starting mid-May 2021. This will include new phones for offices, conference rooms, lobbies and classrooms (replacing the current intercoms). Every location that currently has a phone will receive a new phone. Overall, more than 2800 phones will be replaced.

Looking for campus announcements about the new phone rollout? Read our Tech Talk article, " Coming Soon: New UNCW Phone System using VoIP Technology ," which was featured in the past two issues of SWOOP .

Check back frequently! We will continue to update this page with helpful information about the rollout and the new campus phones.   

View the information below to learn more about the New UNCW Phone System Rollout.

What Is Different About the New Phone System?

The New Phones Work Over Ethernet

The new phone system uses Voice-over IP (VoIP) technology, which means that phones will work over an Ethernet connection instead of legacy phone lines.

Benefits & Enhancements:

  • A built-in directory (no more searching for UNCW phone numbers).
  • Self-service portals to manage your phone and voicemail settings.
  • Voicemail will still be delivered to your UNCW email.
  • You will retain your current phone number.

What Is the Timeline for this Project?

Phase 1 – ITS Pilot

  • This ITS pilot began in March and will conclude by early May.
  • We have been piloting in ITS first to fine tune the process and to ensure all systems are operating as expected prior to the large-scale campus rollout.

Phase 2 – Campus Rollout: Physical Phones

  • This rollout is slated to begin mid-May, rolling out building by building and continuing through the summer until complete.
  • Current estimates have this portion of the rollout complete in July.
  • You will receive an email approximately 1 week prior to receiving your new phone, including the following specifics:
    • Process for ITS to install your new phone.
    • Steps to set up your new phone, once it has been installed. These steps can be completed either on campus or remotely.
      Example: Setting up your voicemail greeting and custom PIN.
    • Overview of functionality.
    • How to sign up for training (training will be recorded and posted for future reference).
    • How to get support for questions/problems.
  • Your current/old phone will remain on your desk for up to 2 weeks after the new phone has been installed. This will provide ITS and the campus phone provider with time to activate your new service.

Phase 3 – Campus Rollout: Soft Phones

  • This is a new technology for UNCW, allowing UNCW faculty and staff to utilize their UNCW phone numbers from either a computer or mobile device.
  • You can make calls from your device using your UNCW phone number (the same number you have in your office) and also receive calls on your device at the same number.
  • Soft phones will be available upon request. The request link will be made available in mid to late summer.

How Do I Get Help With My Current Phone?

The following knowledge base articles and information can assist with your current UNCW phone.

General Questions:

Call Forwarding:

Transferring a Call:


Hold Feature:


Ring Tones:



Units available for purchase:
Communications Rates for Departmental Phones

View Communications Rates for Departmental Phones (PDF). This document includes various service options and the prices for each plan.

Communications Services and Rates
Data Line $163
Cable TV Line $163
Phone Line $163
Line installation rates are an estimate. Actual cost will depend on current infrastructure.
Temp. Polycom Speakerphone $55(per 3 days)
Temp. Reg. Desk Speakerphone $10 (per 3 days)
Phone Line $43
Phone line $43
Monthly Service Rates:
Cable TV


University Owned Mobile Phones Vendor rate + $2.30/month
Phone Service View Rates (PDF)

Questions about the process? If you have any questions about the timeline or rollout of the new campus phones, please email the ITS Project Management Office at .