FAQs for Voicemail / Unified Communications

What is the best way to manage my options and settings for my voicemail account?

The dial-in method (dialing 29999) and the User Preferences Web portal (https://mss.uncw.edu/user) both offer the same functionality. It really is just a personal preference. Most common browsers are supported for the Web portal, and it is often easier to see changes as you are making them when they are viewable. These two guides can assist you with your settings:

How do I listen to voicemail messages?

Dial 29999 to access voicemail from a UNCW phone or 910-962-9999 from a personal phone. Enter your password followed by #. If calling from a phone that is not yours, after dialing the number, press #. Then enter your mailbox number followed by # and your password followed by #. This will take you to the voicemail Main Menu. From there, you can use the UNCW AAM Quick Reference (PDF) to navigate to your messages.

What are the rules for voicemail passwords?

Passwords must be a minimum of 6 numerical characters, cannot match the voice mailbox number or contain the mailbox number, cannot be sequential numbers and cannot repeat numbers. The last 3 passwords cannot be reused.

How long will my messages be saved in my voicemail account?

Messages are saved in your voicemail account for 14 days. Voice message notifications that are delivered to your email account have no fixed retention time and function like any other email message. As the voice messages are emails, you can also write rules for how to manage these messages automatically from within Outlook.

Do I need to set up Outlook or my email account to receive voicemail in my Inbox?

No. Email delivery of your voicemail is done by default when your account is created, and those settings can be modified by you at any point thereafter. Use the Notify Me section of the User Preferences Web portal to make adjustments.

Where do I go to change advanced features such as Notify Me, Reach Me, fax settings and others?

Go to the User Preferences Web portal. The UNCW User Preferences - Options and Settings Guide (PDF) can assist in feature administration. Changes can also be made by dialing into voicemail, but changes are easier to see and follow using the Web portal.

What Mailbox Number and Messaging Password do I use to access the User Preferences Web portal?

The mailbox number is your extension number (usually), and the messaging password is the same as the password you use to access the voicemail account over the phone (not your domain password). For assistance with password resets visit our Service Catalog.

In setting up Notify Me and Reach Me features, what should the format be for my mobile number?

You should enter your mobile number in 10-digit format (area code + 7-digit number) with no dashes. This will ensure the call is properly routed.

Why doesn't the message waiting light on my phone let me know there is a new voicemail message?

Message waiting lights, or voicemail message indicators, are disabled by default. The effect on individuals with message waiting light enabled phones and voicemail accounts depends on how you will be managing voice messages - from dialing in or from email.

  • If you are going to manage voice messages primarily in email, you need to do nothing. The message in your email inbox is a copy of the message in your voicemail account, so when you are deleting the voice message from email, you are only deleting that copy. The message waiting light leads to a confusion issue and that is why it is disabled by default.
  • If you are going to manage voice messages by dialing in, you can request to have your message waiting light turned on. The light will accurately reflect when you have new messages and when messages have been deleted. If you check those same messages by email, the state of the message will not change in respect to your voicemail account OR the message waiting light because you are only listening to a copy of that message when checking it via email. Changes to message waiting light functionality can be addressed by visiting the Service Catalog.