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UNCW Conference Calling

Call-In Conferencing for Faculty & Staff

Call-In Conferencing is a service feature provided to all faculty and staff with UNCW phone service. With the Call-In Conference feature, a customer can host a dial-in conference of up to 6 participants by providing them a dial-in number and access code.

The host can utilize this service from on or off campus. If off campus, the host can conference up to 5 participants. If on campus, the host can conference up to 6 participants.


  1. Dial the Call-In Conference telephone number. When prompted, enter access code. Each caller is given two opportunities to provide the correct access code before the call is dropped due to an incorrect access code.
  2. When the correct access code is entered, the caller is added to the conference. An entry tone is played for the caller as well as the other existing members of the conference.
  3. When a party drops out of the conference, the remaining parties hear an exit tone.

How Do I Get This Service?

To schedule the service, please visit our Service Catalog.

The following information is required in the request:

  • Host contact information: name, phone number and email address
  • Date, start time and end time
  • Fund number (Used strictly for tracking purposes only)

The conference call request should be received at least two hours prior to the actual conference start time. Once the request has been received, the conference call will be scheduled by the operator. At least one hour prior to the conference call, the host will be sent a confirmation email with the dial-in number and an access code to be distributed to the participants.