The TealWare Cloud

Saving and Uploading to Blackboard

NOTE: To take advantage of TealWare you must first install the correct plug-in. If you have not already done so, go to the TealWare home page and choose either the Windows or Macintosh version. You only install this once.

Step 1 ‐ Log on

Step 2 - Complete your work

  • Find the software you want to use in the list and complete your work.

Step 3 - Save your work

  • ALWAYS select TIMMY or a USB key as your save location. Once saved, close that program.

Step 4 - Upload your work to Blackboard.

  • While in TealWare, choose "Blackboard" from the list.
  • Disable the pop‐up blocker if you have not already done so.
  • Log on with your Blackboard credentials.
  • When uploading your assignment, choose the TIMMY folder as you did when saving your file.