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Safeguard Your Information

Posting personal information online can lead to unwanted attention. When you post personal information in a social network site (such as Facebook or MySpace), you significantly increase the odds of people outside of your intended audience viewing your profile.

Think twice before posting:

  • Personal information (i.e., phone number, email address, home address, schedule, name and age)
  • Photos or descriptions of illegal activities
  • Material that might be considered pornographic
  • Any postings you might consider to be a joke (which could be taken seriously by a potential employer)
  • NOTE: If others post inappropriate material of you on their site (such as Facebook) and tag you, remember to un-tag any unwanted material.

Secure your personal information:

  • Always use the strongest privacy account settings.
  • Make your profile viewable to friends only, and not to everyone in your network.
  • Use Google to search your name. The results are what potential employers will see, as well as anyone else on the internet if they Google you. Make sure there is nothing online that you don't want others to see.