Students looking at computer screen.

Data Security and Identity Protection

Sensitive Information Examples

  • Student information and grades
  • Human resource data
  • Financial data
  • Private research data
  • Network and server diagrams
  • Names and email addresses of systems administrators
  • Physical location of equipment and infrastructure
  • Software and the usernames to access that software
  • Social Security Numbers, credit card numbers and other similar documentation
  • Any piece of information that could aid a hacker, terrorist or other infiltrator is considered sensitive.

What You can do to Keep Information Safe

  • Avoid putting sensitive data on devices that are easily lost or stolen such as a laptop or a flash drive.
  • Sensitive information should not appear on public Web pages. If you need to share sensitive information electronically, you may use SAMMY or SharePoint to share with faculty and staff.

University Efforts to Secure Information

UNCW has taken significant steps to protect the security of your personal information against the possibility of unauthorized access that could result in identity theft or other misuse of information. When applying to UNCW your Social Security Number (SSN) is no longer mandatory. Instead, a University ID will be assigned to you while you are with the university.