Institutional Research and Planning

Institutional Research and Planning Team Members

Andy Mauk. Andy Mauk
Associate Provost
As the Associate Provost of IRP, I direct the university’s data collection, reporting and analysis functions and oversee internal and external reporting. I previously worked as the Director of Assessment, Research, and Planning for the Division of Student Affairs at UNCW for 5 years. Prior to that role, I did my doctoral studies at Florida State University in Higher Education, where I also earned a Certificate in Institutional Research. I currently teach graduate courses at both Florida State and UNCW.

Kelly Charles. Kelly Charles
Director of Institutional Effectiveness
As Director of Institutional Effectiveness, I have oversight responsibility for the systematic, explicit, and documented process of measuring performance against the institutional mission, and working collaboratively with teams to provide the best evidence of UNCW’s commitment to continuous improvement. My job is to advocate for an on-going and meaningful institutional effectiveness process that is participative, flexible, relevant, and responsive. Compliance for regional accreditation is a driver for my responsibilities, but best practices are also crucial influences in by role.

Steffaney Cohen Steffaney Cohen
Manager of Institutional Research Analytics
Institutional Research Analytics focuses on providing analysis for the Common Data Set, Delaware Study of Faculty Productivity, IPEDS, and various external surveys. We also monitor student success outcomes including graduation and retention rates, coordinate reporting of student credit hour production and handle internal and external ad hoc requests. Primarily we use data from UNC Student and Human Resources data marts, but we also sometimes use data from Banner, the National Student Clearinghouse as well as survey results.

Steve Drew. Steve Drew
Senior Research Associate
I am responsible for loading and maintaining our Sql server database.   I am the HR Datamart liaison to the system office for IRP.  Using Sas, Excel, SSDT, and Power Query, I write reports for internal and external clients.

Deloris Hansley. Deloris Hansley
Data Coordinator
Collects and updates data elements to maintain the space management database. Conducts space needs analysis and processes space planning requests. Coordinates university administrative and academic moves

Carlene Jackson. Carlene Jackson
Manager of Institutional Research Reporting Services

Reporting Services focuses on coordinating and managing the Student Data Mart submission process for UNCW; maintaining consistency in the reporting of student enrollment data for institutional and external constituents, and UNCW and UNC System strategic metrics; answering ad-hoc data requests; and partnering with IRP units to develop meaningful data visualizations via Tableau.

Whitney Lawson. Whitney Lawson
Research Associate
I provide campus data to some external surveys that come through our office, as well as help with compiling data for the Common Data Set, Delaware Study and IPEDS. I also work with OUR and other areas on campus to determine the methodology and data sources for newly released rankings. When needed, I assist with ad hoc requests.

Zach Morgan. Zach Morgan
Research Associate
As a member of the Institutional Effectiveness team, I work to advance our institutional and unit level missions with a focus on continuous improvement initiatives. I am the primary point of contact for Student Ratings of Instruction (SRI) administration and reporting and I also provide support for UNCW users of the Qualtrics survey platform. This role entails collaborative partnerships, process improvement initiatives, and friendly and thorough support to our users. I am currently working to complete my master's in Instructional Technology.

Tiffany Morris. Tiffany Morris
Research Associate

As part of the Institutional Effectiveness team, I work to support UNCW’s commitment to continuous improvement, regional accreditation efforts, and institutional effectiveness processes. I serve as the campus administrator for Taskstream AMS, our assessment platform, and monitor progress on identified outcomes, assist with the use of data to develop meaningful action plans, and provide ongoing training and support to users. I also work with units across campus on their data visualization and dashboard needs. Presently, I am pursuing my master’s degree in Human Computer Interaction.

Mindy Phillips. Mindy Phillips
Executive Assistant
As the Executive Assistant to Dr. Andy Mauk in IRP, I am responsible for an array of duties; including but not limited to: calendar management, scheduling meetings and events, budget, timekeeping, DKC, Website content manager, chrome river for travel, data requests, take minutes at various committees, hr liaison;and help support our 15 employees and growing.

Audry Nunnually. Audry Nunnally
Facilities Coordinator
As the Facilities Coordinator for Space Planning and Management I assist the Academic Space Manager with classroom management and space utilization. I also work with campus and student organizations to utilize academic spaces for meetings/events and make recommendations for space usage.

Tina Strickland. Tina Strickland
Academic Space Manager
As the Academic Space Manager, I consult with campus leadership to ensure space is managed strategically, thoughtfully, and with broader institutional needs in mind. I manage and maintain the academic space module for the Event Management Systems (EMS) through collecting and analyzing data along with reporting on space utilization. I also provide guidance to space stewards concerning scheduling of academic facilities.

Woody Sutton. Woody Sutton
Space Planner
Consult with campus leadership providing guidance on prioritization of strategic space planning decisions; create operational workflows; and implement new strategies for continuous improvement.Assess current facility and space conditions, benchmark space programming, and ensure compliance with university policy for space use and utilization.Manage the institutional space inventory dataset for university owned, leased or management properties providing accurate, timely and auditable analysis and reports.

Bob Wilcox. Bob Wilcox
Research Associate
I received a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Edinboro University before obtaining a Master of Science in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh. After sending many vacations in the Wilmington area I love calling Wilmington home. I use SAS, Excel, SQL and other tools to provide data to the UNCW internal and external clients.