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February 2022 News

February, 2022

UNCW is Enhancing its Research and Scholarship Reporting Infrastructure

UNCW is enhancing its research and scholarship reporting infrastructure. Central to this effort is enhancing the functionality of the Watermark Faculty Success, a web-based data management platform that supports core faculty processes and serves as a repository for the reporting and sharing of faculty research and scholarship. This platform is receiving dedicated resources to expand how UNCW showcases faculty’s accomplishments and to increase reporting efficiencies while alleviating the burden of faculty reporting.

The College and School Deans in conjunction with the Institutional Effectiveness Office are leading and facilitating the enhancement of this platform. While Cameron School of Business and the College of Health and Human Services have been well-stablished users of this platform, additional enhancements are being implemented to reduce the burden of faculty reporting and to streamline internal data integrations. During the fall 2021, the Institutional Effectiveness Office worked with the Provost’s Office, ITS, Academic Affairs Resource Management Team, Randall Library, Center for Research and Innovation, and Human Resource representatives to do a formal audit of the platform and evaluate other future technology integrations. As part of this plan, a subgroup of the Faculty Success Advisory Board, called WFS Innovators, convened to ensure representative feedback was gained from key areas across Academic Affairs. Currently serving on this group are:

  • David Roberts, Institutional Effectiveness Research Analyst (Project Manager)
  • Robert Bucciere, College of Health and Human Services
  • Jeff Ertzberger, Watson School of Ed.
  • Allison Kittinger, Randall Library and ORCID Expert
  • David Glew, Cameron School of Business
  • David Webster, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Debra Wilkie, Research and Innovation and OSPREY Administrator
WFS Innovators have been working diligently to review and update the reporting foundation of this platform, updating security protocols, and enhance its resource materials. A Watermark Faculty Success Resource SharePoint Site is now available as part of the “mySeaport” employee essentials collection. The site includes specific College and School resources and contacts, as well as a growing library of general guides and tutorials. For additional information or questions, please contact

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