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The Asian Heritage Cultural Center will open early this fall in Fisher University Union Room 1002. The center is designed to be an inclusive space that supports students’ engagement with the university, facilitates and strengthens our cross-cultural relationships across campus and in the community and provides co-curricular programming that will enrich our understanding of Asian American and Pacific Islander cultures and histories. 

The Center will provide an inclusive and welcoming space for all students interested in the Asian and Pacific Islander cultures. The Center itself will provide amenities such as conference room space, 2 student computer workstations, printing services, virtual meeting capabilities, refrigerator and microwave appliances for food storage and preparation, and a gathering space for students to relax and meet with other students. 

The new Coastal Engineering facility will open Fall 2022, offering a Bachelor of Science degree program focusing on coastal engineering. The undergraduate program will teach students to address issues affecting communities around the world through the application of geological and physical oceanography, coastal management curriculum, applied physics and civil and ocean engineering fundamentals. Students will experience extensive field research in the area’s waterways and coastal habitats under the direction of faculty scholars with access to state-of-the-art facility.

Randall Library Expansion is currently in the early construction phase to renovate the existing library building as well as provide approximately 80,000 square feet of additional space. This project will provide additional student study and collaboration space, seminar rooms, enhanced digital makerspace and faculty commons, and grand reading room and event space.





Applied Learning 

Alderman 104

Friday Annex 171 & 172

Enterprise Risk Management 

Admin Annex 2008-2010

Hoggard Hall 255-257

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Warwick Center 166

Warwick Center 102-102A

Tech Nest 

Fisher University Union 1002

Hoggard Hall 145

University Advancement (Alumni Relations)

Wise House

Administrative Annex & Alderman Hall

Space Planning and Management provides support, analysis, and accurate space inventory information, aiding campus officials and administrators in making informed business and educational decisions. Space Planning and Management continues to expand its capability to develop and distribute information about space usage on campus. The space needs of the University can be better served by increasing the awareness of space issues on campus and bringing faculty and staff into the space management process (electronic form and annual space verifications).

It is also worthwhile to remind campus that all requests for space allocation, reallocation or repurposing must be submitted for review by Space Planning & Management.  Depending on the extent of the space request, it may require additional review by the Space Planning & Allocation Committee (SPAC) and approval by the Executive Committee on Space (ECOS).  As units plan for future space needs, please consult with the Office of Space Planning and Management to ensure your request aligns within the campus space planning process.  We are happy to walk through this process and even assist you with completing any Space Requests. 

You may contact University Space Planner, Nic Troutman if you have questions.