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Space Planning & Management:
Space Planning and Allocation Committee


The Space Planning and Allocation Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Executive Committee on Space and makes recommendations on the best use of campus facilities and space to meet the strategic priorities of the University. The committee also makes space related policy recommendations through the Cabinet.


All university spaces - buildings, land and leased facilities - belong to the University as a whole and are subject to assignment and reassignment to meet the institution’s strategic priorities and needs in a manner that aids equity, adequacy and productivity. Space is an asset owned by the University at large and its use is allocated to academic and administrative units under the authority of the Chancellor.
As a fixed, highly visible but generally scarce resource, the Space Planning and Allocation Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the University in assessing and guiding the execution of all facets of campus space and is responsible for addressing changing and unmet needs by …

  • developing policy and operational procedures for space use, allocation and utilization;
  • reviewing all requests for space - new, augmented, and/or change of use; and
  • generating related space allocation recommendations to the Executive Committee and Chancellor for final endorsement.

The Space Committee meets monthly or as needed.


Committee recommendation on all agenda items will be forwarded to the Executive Committee on Space for review and then to the Chancellor for final approval. For more information, please review the Space Allocation Policy (UNCW Policy 02.135).

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