Institutional Research and Planning

Space Planning & Management:
Academic Space Scheduling

Space Management is responsible for providing oversight and guidance concerning all non-course scheduling of academic facilities. Academic facilities are shared by the university year round for classes, events and other activities.

Academic Space Reservations

In order to accurately represent the utilization of the university’s facilities and to the benefit of all departments throughout campus, it is required that all activities/events held in academic facilities are scheduled through the university’s scheduling software EMS.

If you have any questions regarding the scheduling of academic facilities please contact Tina Strickland, Academic Space Manager or Audry Nunnally, Facilities Coordinator.

Policy, Procedures and Guidelines

Event Resources and FAQ's

The following is a list of event resources and questions that might arise when reserving a space.

List of Reserving Offices : Note that all student organization scheduling should contact the Facilities Coordinator.

Catering : For academic locations that allow food please contact Campus Dining.

Parking & Transportation Office : Ensures the success of events by providing parking arrangements. You must fill out a   Special Event Parking Request a minimum of one week prior to the event you are planning. This request must be submitted for any type of campus event - meetings, conferences, seminars, lunches, dinners, receptions, etc. When multiple events are scheduled on the same date, priority is given to the event that finalizes arrangements with Parking & Transportation Services first. Parking rates can be found here .

Physical Plant : Helps with many of your event needs. In most cases, you will need to fill out an  Aim Customer Request  or submit a dig permit which can be found with other  Physical Plant Forms  (labeled Dig and Excavating Permit). Some areas Physical Plant can assist with:

  • Dig Requests - A request must be submitted whenever anything is put into the ground.
  • Irrigation System - A request must be submitted so this is cut off for an outside event. 
  • Conflicting Work  - It is beneficial to let Physical Plant know about your event, especially if it is held outside. This can ensure there are no conflicts, such as the grass being mowed at the same time as your event.
  • Housekeeping - Submit a request to let Housekeeping know about any event taking place during the evening or weekend hours to help ensure the department can prepare accordingly. For example, if your event is held on a Friday evening after Housekeeping has cleaned for the week, they may need to clean again before classes begin on Monday. 

Security/Opening Buildings

  • Exteriors door programing is determined by what is scheduled in the Campus Reservations. If you have questions concerning door access, contact Susie Goodrum, Electronic Access Control Administrator, at 910-962-3564 or
  • Academic event spaces are opened by University Police. The  Special Event Security Policy  provides additional details about event security.

Special Events A/V

Reserving Tables, Chairs, Podiums, Stage, etc: Within academic facilities, you may find the space you reserved for your event does not have the needed tables, chairs, podiums or stages the event required. Arrangements can be made with Moving Services to have these items delivered by contacting:

  • For Tables, Chairs, Podiums- Contact: Facilities Coordinator, 910-962-2518,
  • For Stages Contact: Campus Life Reservations & Event Services, 910-962-7098, the extension is 4150 . Reserve  online

Conference Services : Provides one-stop conference planning at UNC Wilmington. They custom design your conference package, including facilities, catering, audio/visual support, registration and more. Their goal is to set up your event so it goes off without a hitch, so you can keep your mind on your meeting objectives.