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Surveys with Qualtrics

What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is a web-based survey and data collection tool for creating and conducting online surveys.  It can be used to conduct research, departmental surveys, academic surveys, etc.  This tool is available at no charge to UNCW faculty, staff and students according to the Standard Operating Procedures.


What’s new with Qualtrics?

  • Qualtrics will be moving to single sign-on on November 26, 2019
  • New Feature: Offline App! This app allows survey managers and respondents to engage with surveys on a mobile device without an internet connection. Responses can now be collected in the field on a mobile device and then uploaded back into Qualtrics as soon as the user has an internet connection. For more information, please contact .
  • The link to single sign-on: 

Qualtrics Support

Support for UNCW Qualtrics users is available through the Qualtrics Support Center and the UNCW Office of Institutional Effectiveness. See below for information about how to get help.

After logging in, Qualtrics support can be reached 24/7 via email, phone (1-800-340-9194), and chat. 

Or, for local support during normal business hours, you may:

  • Email
  • Contact our Campus Administrator and Account Manager,  Tiffany Morris, Research Associate, at ext. 2-3082 .
  • Stop by during designated support hours: Wednesday 9am – 11am EST

On-Demand Video Tutorials

  1. Getting Started with Qualtrics Video
  2. Advanced Survey Techniques
  3. Get the most out of your survey results..

Helpful Guides for Building Quality Surveys

  1. Determining Sample Size
  2. 7 Tips for Writing Great Questions
  3. Import & Export Surveys
  4. Print a Survey