Institutional Research and Planning

Institutional Effectiveness:  Resources & Tools

Institutional Effectiveness provides a variety of resources and tools to help manage your data through IDEA, Digital Measures, Taskstream, Qualtrics, and Assessment Resources.


Campus Labs, through a partnership with IDEA, is a company that offers the web-based and password-protected platform used to manage the student ratings of instruction instrument created by IDEA. As a vendor for UNCW, Campus Labs promises security, confidentiality and compliance during each step in the course evaluation process.

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Digital Measures:

Digital Measures is the name of the company that offers a fully customizable online information management system that's used at UNCW as a repositorydesigned to organize and report on faculty members' research/creative activities, teaching, and service accomplishments.

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Taskstream AMS is the system used at UNCW to manage and store unit level assessment plans that are aligned with the institution's strategic plan and mission statement. Find helpful Taskstream resources below.

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Qualtrics is a web-based survey and data collection tool for creating and conducting online surveys. It can be used to conduct research, departmental surveys, academic surveys, etc.

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Assessment Resources:

Assessment Resources are free, web-based supplements that may make your assessment process more efficient and effective.

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