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What is Campus Labs?

Campus Labs, through a partnership with IDEA, is a company that offers the web-based and password-protected platform used to manage the student ratings of instruction instrument created by IDEA. As a vendor for UNCW, Campus Labs promises security, confidentiality and compliance during each step in the course evaluation process.

What are IDEA and Student Ratings of Instruction (SRI)?

IDEA is a company that produces a course evaluation instrument with a more than 45 year history. The evaluation tool is powered by Campus Labs, but offered as a product called the Student Ratings of Instruction or SRI.  IDEA uses aggregate data produced by our its SRI customers to establish  benchmarks, and to produce reports on national comparative data. IDEA was adopted by the faculty of UNCW to serve as one measure of teaching effectiveness. 

  •    Introduction to the Student Ratings of Instruction Infographic
  •    Diagnostic Feedback Instrument
  •    Information for Students is available here.
  •    How IDEA Teaching Methods Measure the Best Teaching Philosophies

Evaluating Teaching Effectiveness at UNCW

Formal evaluations of a faculty member's teaching effectiveness include peer evaluations, student evaluations, and documentation of relevant teaching activities. The process includes, but is not limited to:

  1. On-going self-reflection
  2. Course evaluations for every course, every semester
  3. Observations
  4. Portfolio and presentation development

UNCW Support for Student Ratings of Instructions

Email: Institutional Effectiveness 
Call: Chelsae Long, Institutional Effectiveness Specialist, ext. 2-2300 during business hours
IDEA Helpdesk: Wednesday 1:30PM - 3:30PM


Quick-start Guides for Instructors

Access printable PDFs of the Help files.

  1. Selecting IDEA Learning Objectives
  2. Adjusted Scores
  3. Interpreting Reports
  4. Adding Custom Questions to a Course Section as an Instructor
  5. Using the SRI in Online Classes
  6. How to Access Your FA 2018 IDEA Web Report 

Helpful Videos

 A Quick Tour of IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction Video

Understanding Student Ratings of Instruction Webinar:

About Adjusted Scores Video:

Choosing Learning Objectives Video:

How to Access, Combine & Print Your FA18 IDEA Web Report: