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Digital Measures (DM)

What is DM and Activity Insight?

Digital Measures is the name of the company that offers a fully customizable online information management system  that's used at UNCW as a repository designed to organize and report on faculty members' research/creative activities, teaching, and service accomplishments.  Activity Insight, the web-based and password-protected DM solution, is used by faculty and campus administrators to generate custom vitae and reports related to faculty activities and achievements. Because UNCW is aware that our faculty are extremely busy, the institution has invested in an easy-to-navigate system that eliminates the repeated requests for information regarding your teaching, research and community service activities. DM  provides a reliable, versatile, and secure solution for generating custom reports easily and in real time. Check out our Digital Measures Roadmap. This describes our UNCW DM project plan for the next 18 months.

Digital Measures - Activity Insight from Digital Measures on Vimeo.

By importing or entering information into the system once,  Activity Insight will maintain your data, such as your customized CV, NIH and NSF biosketches, and reports for annual review, promotion, tenure, and post-tenure review. The automated process produces "one-stop-shop" reports for these and many other purposes, thus maximizing its positive impact and efficiency. Allow DM to work for you. Here's how:

  1. It's a comprehensive solution that meets our faculty evaluation requirements.
  2. It offers an easy-to-use and intuitive web-based interface.
  3. DM reduces manual entry of publications using Web services API (PubMed) and imported BibTeX and ORCID files.
  4. DM offers robust standard reporting, but also ad hoc capabilities.
  5. Faculty can generate up-to-date CVs.
  6. DM requires secure permission-based platform.

UNCW Support for Digital Measures

Login to Digital Measures here. Support for Activity Insight is available to all campus subscribers. You can contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness by phone, email, or by completing a Data Request Form. The IE Project Manager works closely with the project and monitors resources and communication. The DM Administrator manages the day-to-daft tasks associated with Activity Insightt, such as responding to inquiries and submitting work requests. Work requests will be accepted by the DM Administrator or Project Manager for the university. 

Kelly Jackson Charles, PhD, Director of IE and DM Administrator, ext. 27387

Get Started Guides

Access printable PDFs of the Help files.

  1. Lost your password?
  2. Import from Third-Party Publications
  3. Importing from Google Scholar/BibText
  4. Creating your CV
  5. Using Pasteboard
  6. Data Entry Tips