Visitors using a B visa or Visa Waiver Program

An international visitor may qualify for the B visa category, or in some cases the visa waiver program, if he/she has no intention of abandoning his/her residence in a foreign country and is visiting the US temporarily for business or tourism. International visitors visiting temporarily for business have a visa classification of B-1 and those visiting temporarily for tourism have a visa classification of B-2. The B visa and visa waiver program may be used by foreign visitors invited by UNCW to engage in temporary academic, educational, or professional activities. To qualify, such individuals must demonstrate that:

  • The purpose of their trip is to enter the US for business but does not entail employment or labor for hire
  • They plan to remain for a specific, limited time period
  • They have clear intent to maintain a residence outside the US, as well as other binding ties to their home country, which will ensure they leave the US at the end of the visit
  • They have adequate financial arrangements to travel to, visit, and depart from the US

The B-1/VW visa categories may be used by individuals who plan short visits to one or several campuses in the US, however, it is not intended for individuals accepting any type of formal academic appointment.

B-1 Visitor for Business

International visitors holding B-1 visa status can receive honoraria payments and reimbursement for properly documented expenses (accommodations, meals, and travel in accordance with University travel policies) provided the stay does not exceed 9 days and the international visitor does not receive such payments from more than 5 institutions in the previous 6 month period. Such payments and reimbursements will comply with tax law, as determined by Business Affairs (please check with Lisa Eakins for tax implications and requirements). International visitors holding B visa status may not engage in employment.

Visa Waiver program

Individuals from more than 30 countries can enter the US without having a B visa. These individuals can enter on the visa waiver program and are subject to the same immigration and payment rules as B visitors. A complete list of the visa waiver countries can be found here. International visitors entering the US on the visa waiver program may not engage in employment.