Meet the Fellows




Parvana Samadova, Language

Tyuntyul secondary school

Gabala, Azerbaijan


Parvana Samadova has been working as an English teacher at a public secondary school for the past 11 years. Her students range in age from 13-17 years old. She has been working as an English language specialist for the last five years and is interested in innovation in the education system. Parvana graduated from the Azerbaijan Teachers` University. She is married and has two children. Her hobbies include travelling and learning and teaching.

Parvana Samadova



Nway Nway Zaw Min, Language

Campion English Language Institute

Yangon, Burma


Nway Nway Zaw Min is an English teacher and a teacher’s development program facilitator at Campion English Language Institute, Yangon. At her school, she trains students from different corners of the country to acquire English skills and other social skills by providing appropriate classes and extra-curricular activities. Nway Nway Zaw is trained as a teacher for both young and adult English learners. She completed her master’s in education from Philippines. Her interests include doing yoga and reading. Nway Nway Zaw is married and her husband is also an educator. Her objective in participating in Fulbright TEA is to become a teacher trainer who could prepare young people to be future teachers. She also hopes to participate in rebuilding her school to offer more choices for less fortunate young people.

Nway Nway Saw Min



Jean Paul Darmendrail Mena, Language

Colegio de Difusión Artística Los Ulmos

Puerto Montt, Chile


Jean Paul Darmendrail Mena has been teaching English at a public primary and secondary school for the past eight years. His students range in age are from 5 to 18 years old. On average, there are 30 students in his classes. Jean Paul is in charge of supervising lesson plans from all the teachers in his school and leads workshops in his community. He graduated with honors from Santo Tomás University in 2010 and has continued to participate in courses, workshops, and seminars to improve his teaching methods and didactics. His hobbies include playing sports like basketball and soccer, listening to music and technology (computers and robotics). He wants to participate in the Fulbright TEA Program to enhance his professional development, learn English, and learn about different cultures. He intends to share all the knowledge with his community upon returning to improve its quality of education.

Jean Paul Darmendrail Mena



Feliza Teresa Caiza Collahuazo, Language

Unidad Educativa Tumbaco

Quito, Ecuador


Feliza Caiza has been teaching English at a public school for boys and girls for the past 20 years. Her students range in age from 12 to 18 years old. On average, there are 44 students in her classes. Feliza is an active member of her community. Since starting as an English teacher, Feliza is always on the lookout for opportunities to improve her English language skills. Evidently, she completed the English Teaching Program at the Fulbright Commission. Feliza's hobbies include learning new things, especially manual things. Her primary objective in participating in the Fulbright TEA program is to learn new methodology and strategies for engaging students in participatory classroom settings and to know about other cultures.

Teresa Caiza



Rania Ezzat Mohammed Alsayed, Language

El Kafrawy Official Language School

Damietta, Egypt


Rania Alsayed is a senior English teacher, a Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) expert and master trainer, and a Teach SDGs ambassador in El Kafrawy Official Language School. She has been teaching English to students from 8 to 15 years of age since 2000. Before joining El Kafrawy, she worked in Kuwait as an English teacher for elementary students from 2004 to 2012. Rania is passionate about teaching with technology. She has joined many global projects and communicated with schools around the world via Skype. She considers herself a life-long learner and has joined many online courses. She is looking forward to gaining a lot from the Fulbright TEA Program to benefit her career as a teacher of English and her school community.




Inna Linde, Language

Johvi Pohikool (Johvi Basic School)

Johvi, Estonia


Inna Linde has been teaching English as a foreign language at primary and secondary levels since 2009. She teaches students between the ages of 10-19 and has 15 students on average in her classes. She is the head of the English Language Teachers of Ida-Viru county and organizes English language contests for the local students. Inna received her master's degree in English Language and Literature form the University of Tartu in 2010. In the same year she received a certificate allowing her to work as a teacher. Her hobbies include theatre and watching hockey, volleyball and soccer. Inna's main aim in taking part in Fulbright TEA is to obtain a refreshing approach and techniques to teaching English from an authentic environment and experience the culture as guided by the locals.

Inna Linde



Dennis Opoku Mensah, Math

Berekum Senior High

Kumasi, Ghana


Dennis Opoku Mensah has been been teaching mathematics 18 years. His students range in age from 14 to 17 years old. He is also the coordinator of students' records management system and a member of both the School Academic Board and School Exams Committee. Denice obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from the University of Cape Coast in 2000, after completing a teacher training in 1994. In 2015, he obtained a Master of Science in Statistics from the same university. His hobbies include watching soccer, listening to music and making new friends. He is married and has three kids. His main objective for participating in the Fulbright TEA program is to improve his teaching skills and competencies and to stay abreast of current trends and application of technology in teaching that seek to engage students in learning math.

Dennis Mensah



Hazwan Bin Hamdan, Language

Smka Sultan Azlan Shah

Bandar Baru Seri Iskandar


Hazwan Bin Hamdan has been working an English teacher since 2010. As a teacher, he has participated in various courses and conducted workshops for teachers in his district. A good connection with the District Education Office enables him to organize these workshops and share his knowledge with other teachers. He likes to tell his students that nothing can stop them if they have a strong will to succeed. Hazwan participated in the AE-Teacher Program organized by U.S Department of State in 2017 and in the East Asia Pacific E-Teacher Seminar in Manila. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Curriculum and Pedagogy. His main objectives for participating in Fulbright TEA are motivating his students and fellow teachers to keep on chasing their dreams and to see changes and development in the Malaysian education system.


Hazwan Bin Hamdan


Mamby Doumbia, Language

Youwarou Public High School

Bamako, Mali


Mamby Doumbia teaches English at a public school. He is actively involved in helping students and parents better orient themselves at the school. He graduated from ENSUP Mali and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in American Studies at Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, Sénégal. His hobbies are reading, traveling, and music. Mamby’s main objectives in participating in the Fulbright TEA program are to develop his expertise in teaching, be able to equip his students with a deeper understanding of best practices in English, contribute in community development, promote gender equality in education, and share about new teaching methods, lesson planning, and instructional technology to fellow teachers.

Mamby Doumbia



Kumari Shanti Bhatta, Language

Stepping Stone English School

Dhangadhi, Nepal


Kumari Shanti Bhatta is a secondary level English teacher at Stepping Stone English School, where she has been teaching for the past 12 years. Her students range in age from 13 to 18 years old. She works as an English coordinator in her school to assist her colleagues and uplift the standard of English. Kumari received her M.Ed. in English from Sudurpaschimanchal Campus in Nepal. Her hobbies include travelling to different places and making new friends. Her main objective for participating in Fulbright TEA is to learn new techniques to make her classes effective and learn new ways to motivate students towards learning.

Kumari Shanti Bhatta


Kathia Elizabeth Medina Buchanan, Language

lnstituto Dr. Alfredo Canton



Kathia Buchanan is an English Teacher at a public school in Panama. She has worked in the public sector for almost 10 years now. The community where she works in is lower class and the students are not very eager to learn English. Regardless, she tries to boost their learning by working with listening exercises and a lot of oral activities. Kathia is excited to participate in the Fulbright TEA program because she believes that it’ll be a great learning experience for her personal as well as professional life. She thinks that there is a lot to learn outside the safety of home, when you immerse yourself in a foreign culture.

Kathia Elizabeth Medina Buchanan



Cristina Rocio Espinoza Loayza, Language

Coar Ayacucho

Lima, Peru


Cristina Espinoza has been an English teacher for over 15 years. She is currently working as a part time English teacher and a tutor at a public school. She feels like her school is behind in terms of English language education and that her students can’t communicate to their peers in English due to very limited exposure to English language, as they only have one English lesson per week. Cristina is working hard to change that. Her main objective in participating in the Fulbright TEA program is to learn different strategies to help her students to enrich their comprehension of written and spoken English.

Cristina Rocio Espinoza Loayza

South Africa


Juda David Phiri, Math

Lethabong Secondary School

Pretoria, South Africa


Phiri JD is a deputy principal at Lethabong Secondary School and teaches math and science. His students range from 16 to 19 years old. He has been in education for more than 10 years. Phiri holds a BSc degree and a Post Graduate Certification in Education from UNISA. He is currently doing an honors program in chemistry at UNISA. He wants to improve the lives of the people in his community through education. Phiri likes reading. He is married, with four children- two of them in university. His objective in participating in Fulbright TEA is to empower the educators to utilize contemporary teaching techniques.

Sri Lanka


Haifa Mohammed Rafeek, Language

Madina National School

Kandy, Sri Lanka


Haifa has been teaching English at a public school for the past five years. Her students range from 11 to 19 years. She is a member of the teacher upgrading program conducted by the educational zone, where she facilitates seminars and workshops. She is currently pursuing her degree in English and English Language Teaching at the Open University of Nawala, Sri Lanka. Haifa’s hobbies include reading books and watching movies. Her main objective for participating in Fulbright TEA is to learn and experience new methodologies in teaching, mingling with the teachers from various part of the world, and implementing the knowledge she gets from the program to make his teaching strategies more innovative and effective.

 Haifa Mohammed Rafeek



Ahmed Tahir Ali Minni, Language

Alwihda Secondary School for Boys

Khartoum, Sudan


Ahmed Tahir Ali Minni is a teacher at Alwihda Secondary School. He teaches English language and literature. His school is in a semi - rural setting, where most families work as porters at the main port.  Ahmed has a bachelor’s degree in English Language Teaching. A father of three children, he hopes to pave the way for global citizenship by participating in the Fulbright TEA program.


Ahmed Minni



Fadime Hilal Sevim, Language

Pursaklar Ayyildlz Anadolu Lsesi

Ankara, Turkey


Fadime Sevim has been teaching English for almost 14 years in public high schools. Her students range in age from 14 to 18 years old, with 35 students per class on average. Besides being an English teacher, she is also the vice-principal of the school, where she assists the principal in general governance and leadership of the school. Fadime received her bachelor's degree in English Language Training from Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir, Turkey. Her primary objective for participating in Fulbright TEA is to enhance her expertise in teaching English and gain a deeper understanding of best practices in education.

Fadime Hilal Sevim


Luliia Didkivska, Language

Brovary gymnasium named after S. I. Oliynyk

Brovary, Ukraine


Luliia Didkivska has been teaching English for about 18 years. Following her belief that a good teacher must be constantly developing, she attends different local and international seminars and trainings. She is a current IATEFL member and IHTCL certified. She engages in her local community, organizing charities, workshops, and educational trips. Her students learn English through communication with their contemporaries from all over the world. They create interesting projects, maintain a personal dairy in English, and write poems and stories. Lullia likes to spend her spare time with her fifteen-year-old son and her husband. They usually go cycling or watch comedies; all of them love travelling. By participating in the Fulbright TEA program, she intends to learn new teaching approaches and strategies to become more helpful for her students. She also wants to learn to deal with multicultural classes and experience US culture and traditions alongside improving her language skills. 

Luliia Didkivska



Ngoc Hoa Tran, Language

Nguyen Van Thoai High School

Thoai Son District, Vietnam


Ngoc Hoa Tran has been teaching English for over ten years in her hometown. This was a dream of her since she was a little girl. She graduated from An Giang University in English language teaching in 2008, and has worked with grade 12 students ever since. There are around 35-40 students in each of her classes. Ngoc is a member of the school’s English-Speaking Club and has acted as a judge for the English-Speaking Contest for the past three years. She has also been teaching night English classes at a language center, where she is exposed to different English books and materials. Her hobbies include reading, traveling, and playing ping-pong. Her main objectives in participating in Fulbright TEA is to get access to new teaching techniques and technology applications for engaging students in a more active classroom atmosphere.

Ngoc Hoa Tran

West Bank


Maysaa H. Y. Barghouthi, Math

American Jordanian secondary school

Ramallah, West Bank


Maysaa Barghouthi has been teaching mathematics and economics at American Jordanian Secondary School since 2007. Her students range in age from 15 to 18 years old. On average, there are 30 students in each of her classes. Maysaa is the head of the mathematics department, where she supervises the team work among teachers and works to improve the educational process. She received her bachelor's degree in mathematics and applied economics from Birzeit University in 2008 and a master’s degree in economics in 2017 from the same university. Her hobbies include playing table tennis and travelling. Maysaa’s primary objective for participating in Fulbright TEA is to explore new methodologies for engaging students in a more participatory and active classroom setting.




Lickson Gungira, Math

Monte Cassino Girls' High

Harare, Zimbabwe


Lickson Gungira has been teaching math at Monte Cassino for the past 12 years. His students range from 12 to 18-year-olds. On average there are 35 students in his Math A-level classes and 40 students in Forms 1 and 2. Lickson holds a diploma in education (Math) from Mutare Teachers' College (1996), a Bachelor of Education Degree (Math) from Midlands State University (2004), and a Master of Science Education in Mathematics (2014) from Bindura University of Science Education. He is actively involved in community work and organizes volunteering activities like fundraising for the orphanage and providing free lessons to under-privileged students. Lickson is widowed and has three children. His hobbies include gardening, travelling, and photography. His main objective in participating in the Fulbright TEA program is to explore and learn new participatory teaching methodologies, particularly the use of ICTs in teaching math.