Upload Your Photo for Your UNCW ID Card

Don't take a chance on a permanently bad ID photo! If you wait until you arrive to get your photo made, you will probably have to wait over an hour in line for your for your photo to be taken. And after waiting all that time, your photo will probably show you looking tired and sweaty from our hot August weather.

Take control of your ID card photo by uploading your own photo starting December 4! By uploading your photo, you can pick a photo you actually like and ensure that your OneCard is ready when you arrive on-campus. Instructions for uploading your photo are provided below.

Instructions for uploading your OneCard photo:

  1. Login to mySeaport using your UNCW login and password.
  2. Once in mySeaport, go to the Student Services tab.My Seaport, Student Services tab
  3. In the middle of the page, choose 'UNCW OneCard Online Photo Submission' UNCW OneCard Online Photo Submission
  4. Follow the on screen prompts for uploading your ID card photo. Photo Upload Page