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Pre-Arrival Instructions - Select a Meal Plan

For your convenience, UNCW has 15 dining locations on campus. The dining venues range from all you care to eat cafeterias, to cafes, coffee shops, and convenience stores.

Meal Plan Options

Mandatory On-Campus Meal Plans

If you will be living ON-CAMPUS, you are REQUIRED to purchase one of the following UNCW meal plans. (Required for all on-campus residents EXCEPT Seahawk Village, Landing & Crossing).

Trips to Wag Dining Hall, Dubs Cafe or Wag out # of combo meals/week at the food courts across campus Food dollars per semester Guest meals per semester Cost
All Access 5 unlimited 5 150 10 $1830 per semester + tax*
All Access 7 unlimited 7 250 10 $1950 per semester + tax*

Read more about the student meal plans, including dining locations across campus at the Student Meal Plans homepage. If you live OFF-CAMPUS or in Seahawk Village, Landing and Crossing, you are free to choose any (or none) of the meal plans listed on the UNCW Student Meal Plans page.

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Signing up For Your Meal-Plan

How to Sign Up for Your Meal Plan

Logon to mySeaport at Then follow these steps:

  • At the mySeaport login, type your UNCW e-mail username (without and your password.
  • Select the Student Services tab.
  • Click on 'Student Meal Plan Application' under services.
  • Select the meal plan of choice, or add food dollars or meals if you have an existing meal plan.

Default Meal Plan - If You Didn't Choose

All students living in on-campus in University Suites or University Apartments are required to purchase a meal plan. All students assigned to on-campus housing and enrolled in classes who have not chosen a meal plan by the billing deadline (approximately July 1 and December 1) will be assigned the default meal plan (All Access 5 plan).

If you are assigned the default meal plan but wish to change to a different plan, you may change your meal plan online within 5 days of move-in.

The default meal plan: All Access 5 ($1830 per semester + tax*)

Changing Your Meal Plan - during the meal plan change period

  • If you decide you want to change your meal plan, you may do so during the meal plan change period.
  • Student may request a meal plan change online through mySeaport.

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