What should I pack?

In Wilmington, the weather is warm/hot most of the year, with a few months of cold weather. Generally the warm weather is from April to October, with temperatures ranging from 60-95 oF(18-35 oC). The colder, winter months are usually from November to March, with temperatures ranging from 30- 60 oF (0-18 oC). Snow is a rare occurrence and Wilmington is subject to adverse conditions (hurricanes) occasionally throughout the year.

It is a good idea to bring a variety of clothes since the weather changes dramatically from the beginning to the end of each semester. Recommendations of items to bring or purchase after you arrive include:

  • shorts
  • trousers
  • T-shirts
  • sweaters
  • casual-dressy clothes
  • bring or purchase a raincoat, and an umbrella
  • warm coat
  • bathing suit and towel for the beach!

Bed Linens & Towels - Bring or Purchase?

If you are living on-campus, you will need to supply your own linens (sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, etc.) as these are not provided by UNCW.

Extra Long Sheets

The mattresses are twin size - extra long (36" x 80"). You will need to make sure that the sheets are extra long to fit the mattress in your residence hall.

If you decide not to pack bedding in your suitcase, you have other options for obtaining your linens.

Instead of packing linens in your suitcase...

  • Order your linens online (no more than 2 weeks before you arrive) and have them delivered to the local store.  Your volunteer driver can take you to pick up your linens before driving you to campus.
  • Purchase bedding after you arrive (orientation volunteers will be able to take students to Walmart or other nearby stores).