Immunization Requirements

UNCW Immunization Requirements

North Carolina law (General Statute 130A 152-157) requires that all students entering college must present a "Certificate of Immunization" within thirty days of registration. By NC law, you will be withdrawn from the University if you do not provide documentation of the required immunizations prior to the deadline. You must provide proof that you have received the immunizations that are required by law.

Read below for help completing the UNCW Immunization form.

UNCW Immunization & Medical History form

Bring the UNCW Immunization & Medical History form to your doctor and have him/her verify your immunization record and administer any immunizations you may be missing.

You can e-mail Immunization & Medical Record questions to Leigh Lane in the Student Health Center.

Immunization & Medical History form (pdf)

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Help Completing UNCW's Immunization & Medical History Form

Picture Guide to Completing the Immunization Record (p. 4)

Go to the Immunization Record tips (pdf)

Sample p. 4, Immunization Record (pdf)

(the sample form is marked with reminders to help you complete it accurately)

Pages 1-3 (instruction pages) - You do not have to record any information on these pages or return them with your completed records.

Pages 4-5 (medical history) - You must complete your medical history information.  It does not need to be signed by a doctor.  

Page 6, physical exam - A physical exam is only required if you have a medical condition that may affect participation and intend to take a physical education class (aerobics, golf, etc.).

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Purchase Missing Vaccines at UNCW

If you are missing any of your required immunizations, you may purchase the remaining vaccines at UNCW Student Health Center after you arrive. The UNCW Student Health Center's costs of the vaccinations are listed below (prices current as of June 2018).

Click here to view the full fee list for the Abrons Student Health Center.

  • Tetanus vaccines (Tdap or DTP) - $35
    • (if you have no record of a tetanus vaccine, you can obtain 1 when you arrive, and 30 days later you can receive a different type of the vaccine)
  • MMR - $80
    • (if you have no MMRs on your record, you can obtain 1 when you arrive, and 30 days later you can obtain another)
  • Meningitis vaccine - $120/170
    • You have the option of either purchasing the vaccine or signing the waiver saying you understand the risks of not being vaccinated against meningitis.
  • PPD skin test - $15
  • Hepatitis B vaccine - $45
    • (if you have no record of Hebatits B vaccines, you can obtain 1 when you arrive, and then obtain the remaining vaccines (3 total) 1 month and 6 months later)

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Submit Your Immunization Form by Email

The Student Health Center must review 1000's of immunization forms before classes begin. Help them process your documents quickly by following the steps below. The faster they review the documents, the earlier they can respond to you about your records.

  1. Bio information is complete - Make sure your biographical information including your name, date of birth, UNCW student ID number (850...) and permanent address on your Immunization Record and Report of Medical History are complete.
  2. Attach PDFs only - Make sure all of your attachments are combinded into one (1) PDF. Make sure that you ONLY attach PDF's (do not use jpg, png, tiff, docx, etc.).
  3. Email address - Email your immunization forms to Leigh Lane, Assistant Director of the UNCW Student Health Center.
  4. Wait one (1) week for a reply - The student health center is processing 1000's of immunization records for new incoming students. So be patient as they take time to review your records and let you know if your records are complete, or what you might be missing.

If you wish to submit your immunization documents by fax, the fax number is 1- 910-962-4130. Please also keep a copy of the Immunization & Medical History form for your own records and bring it with you to campus. If your original form gets lost, your copy is the only way to prove that you've had the necessary immunizations.

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