UNCW Email

Regularly check your UNCW email

Please activate your UNCW e-mail account before you arrive at UNCW. You will be eligible to activate your e-mail within 2 days of registering for classes.

It is important that you check your UNCW e-mail regularly, since once classes begin, the Office of International Programs will ONLY send e-mails to your UNCW e-mail account. In addition, professors will send important e-mails to your UNCW account regarding class, exams, and projects.

Outlook Web Access

You may open your UNCW e-mail account one of 2 ways. The first way is to login directly to 'Outlook Web Access' - UNCW's webmail portal.

  1. Start by clicking the 'Email' link in the top right of UNCW's homepage.
    Email Link
  2. Login to the 'Outlook Web App' screen using your UNCW login and password.
    Outlook Web App

Open E-mail from MySeaport

  1. Login to mySeaport using your UNCW login and password.
  2. Once in mySeaport, you can access your email by clicking on the email icon on the top left of the mySeaport homepage.Email Icon inside mySeaport