Exchange Student Course Registration

Exchange Student Course Registration

UNCW Course Request List

UNCW Students begin registering for courses in late March/October and some courses fill quickly. You may have difficulty getting into classes if you wait until you arrive to register for courses.

UNCW Office of International Programs works to minimize the problem by registering you for courses that you request. UNCW International Programs works diligently to get you into your desired classes, but we cannot guarantee that you will get all of the courses you request.

You will receive a request to submit the UNCW International Exchange: Course Request List through the Terra Dotta Immigraton Portal. 

The steps below will help you as you attempt to choose UNCW course options.

Finding Available Courses

To find course information for the upcoming semester, go to SeaNet (https:// , select either "Detailed Class Schedule" or "Search for Courses", then choose the upcoming term.

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Making Final Adjustments to Your Schedule (optional)

UNCW International Programs uses your course requests and your transcript to obtain permission from professors and to register you for classes. After you have been registered for a minimum of 12 credits, the UNCW International Programs hands control of the schedule to the student.

If you wish to make minor changes to your schedule after you have been given your UNCW ID and PIN number, you may follow these Instructions for modifying your class schedule using My Seaport-SeaNet.

Pre-requisites and Major restrictions: If you've met the UNCW pre-requisites for a specific course at your home university (but not at UNCW), see instructions below for Emailing Professors to Request Registration Overrides.

Please note: you are required to have a minimum of 12 credits/ hours per semester.

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Common Registration Add Errors

As an exchange student, your complete university course history is not entered in the UNCW course registration system. Therefore, it is possible that you may encounter Registration Add Errors that prevent you from registering for the course you want (see instructions for dealing with 'Registration Add Errors'). The following table list common Registration Add Errors and their meaning:

Common Registration Errors Explanation
Permission of instructor or department required.
CLOSED SECTION Course is full.
CLASS RESTRICTION This course is restricted to majors only (for example, Biology majors or Film Studies majors).
DUPLICATE CRN You are attempting to register
for a course for which you are already registered.
TIME CONFLICT WITH ... Time conflicts with another course.
PREQ AND TEST SCORE ERROR Course has a prerequisite requirement or test score requirement.
CLASS RESTRICTION This course is restricted to certain class of students ex: (Junior or Senior status).

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Emailing Professors to Request Registration Overrides

If you encounter a Registration Add Error, you may request a Registration Override to allow you to register for the course through mySeaport/SeaNet. Here are some tips when requesting Registration Overrides.

  • E-mail the 'Registration Override Contact' who is in charge of the specific subject you are requesting. If there is no specific contact listed, then email the professor who teaches the class (Professors' Emails can be found in the UNCW Directory)
  • Explain why the Registration Add Error should be excused for your situation
  • Attach your home university transcript as evidence that you have met the required course background
  • Provide your UNCW ID number
  • Provide the CRN number of the course you are requesting
  • Always remain polite and respectful. Be patient if the professor is busy and takes several days to respond.
  • Once the Registration Override has been granted, follow these Instructions for modifying your class schedule using mySeaport/SeaNet (pdf).

College of Arts & Sciences, Registration Overrides Contacts

  • COM - Dr. Steve Pullum
  • CSC or CIS - Dr. Curry Guinn AND the professor teaching the class
  • CRW - Mr. David Gessner
  • MAT - Dr. Chris Finelli

Cameron School of Business, Registration Overrides Contacts

  • ACG or BLA - Dr. David Mautz
  • ECN or FIN - Dr. Nivine Richie
  • BAN, INB, MIS or SCM - Dr. Cem Canel
  • MGT or EBD - Dr. Martha Andrews
  • MKT & BUS - Dr. Lisa Scribner

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General UNCW Course Information

Course length - 1 semester

Most UNCW courses are offered for a single semester. A typical semester spans 15 weeks.

  • Fall semester: August - December
  • Spring semester: January - May

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Face-to-Face Vs. Online Courses


Students must take a minimum of 9 credits face-to-face for U.S. immigration requirements. This means that you must take the majority of your classes face-to-face.

Face-to-Face Classes

  • Lecture credits: In general, 1 UNCW lecture credit provides 750 minutes of in class face-to-face instruction.
  • Laboratory credits: In general, 1 UNCW lab credit provides 1500 minutes of in class face-to-face instruction.

Note: The terms 'credits' and 'hours' are used interchangeably.

Online and Blended Classes

In the Instructional Method field, online classes will be labeled as "Internet or web-based" for fully online courses; for blended courses, choose Web-based w/class meetings

Online Courses typically have no on-campus meetings, and may be taken from remote locations.These courses are identified in the Instructional Method field of SeaNet as Internet or web-based.

Fully Online Courses may have a synchronous component which requires students to be online or meet in a virtual classroom at specified dates and times. Contact instructors for more detail regarding each course.

Blended Courses (also called hybrid courses) have an on-campus component, but meet for fewer hours face-to-face. A significant portion (at least 1/3) of the instruction and assessment in a blended course occurs online. These courses are identified in the Instructional Method field of SeaNet as Web-based w/ class meetings. Blended courses may also have a synchronous component which requires students to be online at specified dates and times.

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Course levels - 100, 200, 300, 400 etc

UNCW degree programs do not often dictate which courses should be taken during a specific semester. But as a general guide, the course number suggests the year the course is taken. For example 100 level courses are taken during the first year, 400 level the 4th year.

However, this is just an approximation. It is not uncommon for 3rd year students to take 200-400 level classes. The main criteria determining the appropriate class are the prerequisites listed for each module.

Note: 500 level courses (and above) are 'graduate level' courses. If you wish to request a graduate level course, you must submit evidence that you have completed your undergraduate degree.

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To view pre-requisites for a specific course, follow the instructions above for finding available courses in SeaNet. To view the course details, click on the blue course title.

Example of a course listing in SeaNet

ACG 201 listed in SeaNet, UNCW's course registration portal.

The image below provides an example of the detailed information you will be provided through the course title link in SeaNet.

Pre-requisites listed in SeaNet for ACG 200

An example of prerequisites listed in SeaNet for ACG 201.

The pre-requisites listed for ACG 201 include:

  • MAT 111, or
  • MAT 115, or
  • MAT 151, or
  • MAT 161


  • ACGL 201

To read a description of any of the pre-requisites, from the SeaNet prerequisites screen, click on the link of a specific course title.

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Full-Time student - minimum 12 credits

Exchange students are required to enroll in a full course of study while attending UNCW.

Full Time enrollment:

  • Undergraduates: 12-18 credits per semester
  • Graduates: 9 credits minimum per semester

Most UNCW courses are 3 credits each. To be a full time student, you would need a minimum of four 3-credit courses for a total of 12 credits per semester.

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