exchange students

Letter from your International Student Advisor

Are you ready for the adventure of UNCW?

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by a big task that you don't know where to begin? Last week I felt the same way.  Our university was preparing to receive a big storm, The storm was expected to hit during the weekend of Fall break when most students were already off campus.  But as an extra safety precaution, the university declared a mandatory evacuation for all students.  So within a 24 hours, my colleagues and I had to cancel a university sponsored trip, help students find other places to go during the break, and confirm the travel plans of all of our students.  

Thanks to the great team work of my colleagues, our students were able to make new travel plans and all of our students were safe during the bad weather.  In the same way, I will be part of your team so that you can accomplish big tasks in a short time period as you prepare to attend UNCW in August. 

I've broken down the things you need to know and do before you arrive into a clear step-by-step calendar with links (see the navigation on the right). I've also provided you with a fillable pre-arrival checklist to mark off tasks as you complete them.

So what happens when you've read through all this material but still can't find the answers? That is when you and I'll be happy to help you as best I can.


International Student and Scholar Services Team