Meet our Performers

We are excited to present our 2019 UNCW iFest performers.

Vadim Kolpakov

Vadim Kolpakov is one of the most prominent and renowned Russian Roma (Gypsy) 7-string guitarists in the world. He was a lead musician of the Moscow Roma (Gypsy) Theatre Romen, where he performed as a guitarist, composer, vocalist, dancer and dramatic actor. To this day, his original guitar compositions are performed in many prominent plays at the theatre as part of the vibrant oral tradition of the Russian Roma culture. Hailing from Saratov, Russia, Vadim graduated from the Roma performing arts school Gilori and studied guitar with his uncle Alexander Kolpakov, the virtuoso Russian 7-string guitarist who served as the musical director of the Romen Gypsy Theatre for over a quarter of a century. At the age of 15, Vadim began work at the Romen Gypsy Theatre, where he worked for 8 years and was the leading guitarist for 7 years.

In 2008, Vadim Kolpakov as a member of the Kolpakov Trio, went on the world tour "Sticky & Sweet" with Madonna. They performed in many European and South American countries, as well as in North America and Mexico, including venues such as Wembley stadium in London, Madison Square Garden in NYC and Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

Wilmington American-Chinese Cultural Association


Wilmington Chinese-American Culture Association, (short for the Wilmington Chinese Association), was established in 2005.  Its mission is to promote diversity and unity of the people in America by cultivating understanding and appreciation of the Chinese and other cultural heritages. The association leads cultural activities in the Chinese community and actively participates in many other culture events.


April Turner

APRIL C. TURNER is an accomplished writer, actress and theatre producer. Among her produced writing credits are the stage plays, C.O.T.O.: CHOCOLATE ON THE OUTSIDE, RESERVATIONS, STARLIGHT AND MOONSHINE TIMES, PICKLE & LIL’JUNIOR AND NIKKY’S GONE. Ms. Turner’s residencies, workshops and theatrical innovations have made her a favorite among community centers, schools and cultural organizations nationwide. Ms. Turner is an experienced facilitator specializing in using art as a tool for positive social change. She uses the arts to expose individuals and communities to new ideas while offering artistic methods for maximizing potential.

With her company Life As Art Productions she tours theatre productions, concerts, arts education performances and residencies to academic communities throughout the country using performances as a tool to build community, facilitate cultural education and inspire constructive conversation about social concerns.

Ritmo Latino

Since the year 2010, Ritmo Latino is UNCW’s Latin dance club! Ritmo Latino consists of members with varying levels of dance experience and increasingly diverse backgrounds. Overall, Ritmo Latino fosters a sense of community and family by sharing our passion for dance and following el llamado de la clave.


Irish Dance Club 

UNCW Irish Dance Club seeks to enrich UNCW and Wilmington community’s diverse culture by providing an outlet for the appreciation and exploration of Irish culture through Irish dance.


Kelly Hawes - Samra Belly Dancer


No one dances with more pride and passion than the next performers, the ZOYRA Greek dance group. They are an extraordinarily talented group of young people, who are under the direction of Katerina Katsikis and Zaharoula Katsikis. Although they have won many costume and dancing competitions, their real desire in performing is to keep alive the rich history of their country, its traditions and its people. Please help me welcome ZOYRA.