Student Mentors

Give back – Share experiences – Exchange culture

We’re looking for student volunteers to act as mentors to incoming international students. Mentors offer advice and friendship, and they are encouraged to become a part of the international student community at events throughout the semester.

Why become an international student mentor?

Pay it forwardFour students at Global Cafe

When you studied abroad, did local students help you and show you around? Did they extend a hand of friendship? You can do the same for UNCW’s international students.

Make UNCW a welcoming place for new students

Did you feel adrift while abroad, and wish you had more help from local students? Make sure our own international students feel at home on our campus and have the best experience possible.

Have an international experience without leaving Wilmington

Missing your time abroad? Wish you could extend your international experience? Or maybe you didn’t get to go abroad at all. Create your own international experience right here on campus.

Improve your foreign language skills

Want to practice a second language? We’ll try to pair you with a student who speaks it fluently so you can have a language exchange right here in Wilmington.


Application process:

Ready to meet someone from around the world? Click the apply button below!

Once a candidate is accepted into the program, a staff member will contact them and provide their mentee's information. 

If you have any questions, email international@uncw.edu



International Student Mentees

Share experiences – Exchange culture – Get support on campus

Sign up to be paired with an American student mentor at UNCW! Mentors offer advice and friendship, and we'll help you and your mentor to connect with events throughout the semester. In the past, these have included everything from on-campus talks and pizza parties to off-campus outings to go kayaking or bowling, see a football game, go to the movies, or meet the mayor. View past events on the OISS calendar.

Why become an international student mentee?

Connect with your new campus and fellow students

It can be hard to settle into a new place, but a mentor has volunteered to show you around and welcome you to UNCW. They're here to answer any questions you may have, from how to use library resources to find the best beach spots. 

Learn about American and North Carolinian cultureStudents at bowling alley

The best way to learn about a new culture is through friendship! Our student mentors want to teach you about what it's like to live here, and they want to learn about your home, too. 

Improve your English language skills

Studying in English helps, but having casual conversations with friends is one of the best ways to become fluent. (And learn the most important slang.)

Start a friendship that could last a lifetime

Many of our mentor-mentee pairs become fast friends, and stay in touch long after the semester ends!